Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie

People are born everyday. And, naturally, people who grow up to work in the entertainment industry are born everyday. Thus, everyday in this column I write a little something about such a figure on their birthday, highlight a work of theirs and ask you to do the same. This is Happy Birthday.

And now we move from an extremely talented actress whose name is still unfamiliar to many to one who couldn’t be more famous if she tried. Oscar-winning American actress, writer, producer, director and activist Angelina Jolie turns 42 today. Happy birthday to her and on this occasion, what’s your favorite film Angelina Jolie has worked on?

For a reminder of Angelina Jolie’s filmography, see here.

It’s pretty amazing how Angelina completely flipped her image around within the last fifteen years. Back then, she was still known as that really weird, wild, if talented rebellious actress who had highly controversial relationships, made out with her brother and wore a blood vial around her neck. Now, she is the epitome of a movie star and the face of glamour worldwide.

From escapist action to intimate drama, Angelina has partaken in a wide variety of projects and my pick today is one of her more recent and underrated ones, 2015’s By the Sea, which she wrote, produced, directed and starred in. Widely summarily dismissed as pretentious and a vanity project seemingly due to the fact that it’s film about marriage starring her and her then-husband Brad Pitt, it may not be to everyone’s enjoyment but those two things it certainly isn’t.

By the Sea is a very slow, intimate film on an uncommercial topic. An elegant movie that recalls the dramas of yesteryear, it was criticized for this by some but I very much appreciate that about it. It is brilliantly acted, visually gorgeous and written in a way that rings true and is visceral when it needs to be. If you were scared off by the tepid critical reception, I can assure you you could do much worse than giving this one a go. Check out the trailer below.

Who else is turning one year older today? See here.

  • Jean Morel


  • Duke

    Thanks for the suggestions. Btw new Movie Mashup is up bud!

  • Jooshua

    And if you want some lesbian love scenes with Elizabeth Mitchell, go with Gia.

    I would suggest Taking Lives the most though.

  • Jooshua

    Pushing Tin
    Playing God
    The Bone Collector
    Gone in Sixty Seconds
    Tomb Raider
    Girl, Interrupted
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    and my personal favorite.. Taking Lives

  • Duke

    Alright Kung Fu Panda yes, which I guess barely counts. But as for live action zip.

    Hoffman, Stiller, Wilson, De Niro, Johnson, Hanks, DiCaprio, Neeson, Efron, Caine, Cruise, Damon, Pitt, Martin, Renner, Downey Jr., a bunch of 80’s actors, Willis, Stallone, Arnie, etc

  • Gia
    Tomb Raider

  • Jean Morel

    Damn Duke, not even Kung Fu Panda? Which actors HAVE you seen movies of (apart from MJ Fox)?

    Anyway for Angelina if you want cool action, go for Salt, Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    or Wanted. If you want good serious drama, check out Changeling, By the Sea or Girl, Interrupted.

  • Basement_Bros

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  • *blank stare*

    She’s an actor I regularly say that I don’t like much, but her filmography sings a different tune. Pushing Tin and Sky Captain in particular (although I loved everything about the latter.)

    I was also pleasantly surprised by Maleficent.

  • Duke

    I’m starting to realize with these HB posts that I haven’t seen a lot of films by some of the most acclaimed actors of our time. I have not seen a single film of hers.

  • Joe Newman

    Hackers because I haven’t seen much of her acclaimed roles and I’m not a fan. Happy Birthday anyway!

  • TheGreenMalice

    Hack The Planet!