Hasselhoff Talks ‘Knight Rider’ Reboot Under James Gunn – ‘GotG Vol 3’ Updates

So, you put uberstar David Hasselhoff on the set of a faux-70’s sci-fi music video with James Gunn and you don’t expect the subject to turn towards a Knight Rider reboot?

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Hasselhoff about the prospect and the actor enthused:

I’ve given some ideas to James for Knight Rider and he responded in a big way. If it does go forward, I don’t want it to be spoofed like Baywatch or 21 Jump Street. Those films lose what it’s about and you have to respect the fans.

As entertaining as the Jump Street movies may have been, I can’t help but side with The Hoff with regards to reboots of this nature; there’s a lot of unexplored territory ripe for a loving revamp rather than painting a broad-strokes comedy over the framework of an existing franchise.

Gunn has yet to make a statement about a Knight Rider revival but his plate is rather full; he’s already begun the early stages of casting and production of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, Tweeting a tease about the soundtrack for the third installment.

Soundtrack first baby, that’s his process.

But Gunn also spoke with Heat Vision about where the project is on a broader level:

Those scripts are already in the works. Kevin [Feige] and I talk about it all the time; we just had a meeting today. Discussing what is the next iteration of cosmic characters and where are the characters that we’ve already created going to go in the next batch of films

One of us went out like a boss, not like a Wash.

HV reports:

Vol. 3 will also be the end of this current lineup of Guardians, begging the question of whether the Ravagers led by Sylvester Stallone in Vol. 2 could pick up the Guardians mantle. There’s a comic book precedent for that, as they were actually the original team of Guardians.

“I’m definitely interested in the direction that these characters are headed and their roles in the Marvel Universe,” says Gunn.

Comingsoon (and by proxy, Cinema Blend) also spoke with Kevin Feige about how the next Guardians film will be dictated by the events of the next two Avengers flicks:

Producer Kevin Feige previously confirmed to Cinema Blend that the Guardians would be “Evolved slightly, in some recognizable ways. But really they’ll be the Guardians and dealing with the sh*t storm they have to deal with.” With Vol. 3 arriving after the two Avengers movies, expect to see a very different-looking troop of Guardians in the trilogy finale.

It’s hard to imagine the chaos that must be going on (probably for a good while now) down at the Marvel Films offices, every indication being that the future look of the MCU may be radically different to what we’ve come to know and love so far.

But this is a living, breathing mythos in the making and I can’t wait to see what happens next.