Horror Korner: ‘Jason X’ (2002)

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For anyone who knows me or has discussed horror with me at all, they know one undeniable fact and that is my adoration for the Friday the 13th franchise but most importantly my love for the most bad ass killer of them all, Mr. Jason Voorhees. So, when our captain Duke, who wrote reviews for parts 1-8 and got a few things right and some things I had to correct him on, asked me to help review a couple of the F13 films, I jumped at the opportunity to share my thoughts. Enjoy!

This time on Horror Korner-

Jason X (2002)

“Evil Gets an Upgrade”


Okay let’s just jump right in and get this out of the way – I absolutely enjoy the hell out of the tenth entry and it is easily one of my favorites of the franchise. “But space tho?” you ask.  Honestly, where else do you take this franchise at this point? We have been to Crystal Lake to Pinehurst Halfway house back to Camp Forest Green? to Manhattan and finally to Hell. Rebooting hadn’t really become a thing by 2000. So instead of rehashing the same premise of Jason kills kiddies at Crystal Lake and since Freddy vs. Jason was in development hell, co-creator Sean S. Cunningham gave the green-light to “Jason in space”.


Kane Hodder is the man behind the mask for the fourth and sadly, his final time. (Give me a moment) Jason has remarkably escaped hell and is looking better than ever by not only regenerating a little but also growing some hair. (I know but I don’t care) He has finally been captured in the year 2008 and was executed, well they tried at least, so their final attempt at containing this mass murderer is to cryogenically freeze him until they can figure out what to do with him. Of course, David Cronenberg (Videodrome, The Fly) shows up in a suit to prevent this from happening for research and stuff. Jason unexpectedly gets out of his shackles and chaos ensues. Ultimately Jason and a lone survivor are frozen till the year 2455 where they are discovered by an exploration research team from Earth 2. Jason and the survivor are brought on the Grendal spaceship where they are thawed out where, you guessed it, chaos ensues once again. But where can you go? You are on a freaking spaceship in space with freaking Jason Voorhees!


Alright with all that out of the way you get the gist of Jason X. It’s just an absurdly fun entry into the F13 franchise that gives you what you should want from a F13 movie at this point. A bad ass Jason doing bad ass things killing people in bad ass ways. That is exactly what you get with Jason X. You essentially have the same kind of sexually deviant teenagers with the greedy professor but this time there are space marines for Jason to stalk and kill. Did Freddy or Michael ever do that? No, I didn’t think so.

Jason’s first kill aboard the ship, is one of the best kills in the history of movies. Period. If you haven’t seen it, I posted the clip below for your viewing pleasure. Once Jason has caused enough mayhem, one of the students upgrades his android into a ass kicking Jason killing machine. Which gives us, thanks to that futuristic healing nanite power…Uber Jason! Half Cyborg, half poly carbon spandex but all bad ass beast of a slasher!


For those who haven’t seen it, I may have spoiled a few things for you, but I simply want you to understand this is just cheesy and fun entry into the franchise. For a tenth entry of a horror franchise and at that time the CGI and effects aren’t too shabby. There are some laughs to be had and some genuine awesome parts. There is hologram scene that is used to trick Jason to buy some time for the possible survivors and it is hysterical. There are some likable characters here and again there is Uber Jason! If you are looking for a fun nonsensical time, then this is the movie for you.



My Rating- 3.5/5