Horror Korner: ‘The Nun’ (2018)

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This time on Horror Korner-

The Nun (2018)

“Pray For Forgiveness”


The Nun, directed by Corin Hardy (The Hallow), is an extension/prequel to the Conjur-verse (yea I’m gonna make that a thing) that comes off as more of a love letter to Hammer Horror films than a movie trying to further the world that The Conjuring 1 and 2 has established. The elements are there but the dialogue and jump scares you can see coming a mile away detract from the positives that Hardy had going for him.

Set in 1952 Romania, The Nun begins with a pair of nuns trying to hold off something evil in the confines of their abbey. When one is lost, the other sister decides to take her life which prompts the Vatican to send one of their special investigators into such matters and a sister who has yet to take her vows. Father Burke, Demián Bichir (The Hateful Eight, A Better Life), has a haunted past (of course) and Sister Irene, Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story, In The Valley Of Violence) is an odd choice by the Vatican for a mission such as this but there must be a reason right? I mean she hasn’t even taken her vows! She isn’t even a real nun! She is still wearing the white habit! Mother Superior doesn’t like her!!! During their travel to the Abbey, they enlist the help of Frenchie, Jonas Bloquet (Elle), who knows the road to the Abbey and also is the one who found the hanging body of the sister who took her life. Once they arrive to their destination all the standard fair begins to fall into place. Frenchie warns of leaving the cursed place, weird things begin to happen, Father and Sister must investigate further because the script says so! Even though Farmiga and Bichir turn in solid performances that could have handled something meatier here, they are given run of the mill dialogue with nothing much to sink their teeth into.



And I’ll leave the rest for you because this is where the camera just keeps rolling and the actors keep acting and the CGI keeps CGI’ing. A very by the book, generic film that relied too much on paying homage to films of yesteryear as opposed to using those elements to establish something new. Father Burke is essentially Peter Cushing’s Van Helsing, Frenchie runs around helping with a shotgun, crosses turning upside down yada yada yada…It’s not all bad though as the setting is extremely eerie being that everything mainly takes place at an old castle with damage from bombings during WW2 that was turned into a monastery. The cinematography is solid enough with some truly creepy shots and Hardy builds a decent amount of atmosphere that could have helped build an unsettling environment with solid some solid thrills. However, jumps scares were relied on heavily too much and the script doesn’t help at all.

Ultimately, I was let down by The Nun coming off how well she was handled in The Conjuring 2. There are enough elements that could have made a fun and atmospheric horror romp but the Scooby Doo like plot simply leaves me wanting more. There is enough here for a watch and some may find enjoyable.

My Rating- 2.5/5