Hugh Jackman Turned Down James Bond Back in Early ’00s

In an alternate universe, 2017 would have treated us to an R-rated action-drama called James, focusing on an older, retired James Bond brought back for one last mission concerning a girl that might just be his daughter. The actor who would have played Bond? Hugh Jackman.

It’s a nice “What if?” scenario, and in an interview with Variety, Jackman revealed that the role of James Bond post-Pierce Brosnan era was all his, except that he turned it down. He said:

“I was about to do X-Men 2 and a call came from my agent asking if I’d be interested in Bond. I just felt at the time that the scripts had become so unbelievable and crazy, and I felt like they needed to become grittier and real. And the response was: ‘Oh, you don’t get a say. You just have to sign on.’”

Jackman voiced the sentiments of a number of Bond fans who believed the films had reached unbelievable heights. Additionally, he was worried that, “between Bond and X-Men, I’d never have time to do different things.”

All turned out in the end as Daniel Craig reinvented the James Bond with Casino Royale and Hugh Jackman made Wolverine his own, and ended his tenure with possibly the best X-Men film ever (depends who you ask). Also, if Jackman had taken Bond, he probably wouldn’t have been in The Prestige and I consider that I bigger sin than not appearing in as many X-Men films.

Would you have liked to have seen Hugh Jackman as James Bond?