It Came from the Dollar Bin! ‘Scratch’ #1

Scratch #1 (of 5) (August 2004)

Writer: Sam Kieth

Artist Sam Kieth

Cover Price – $2.99

Writer/Artist Sam Kieth presents a supernatural tale that pits Batman against a mysterious werewolf!

When the Dark Knight investigates the disappearance of several children, will the search lead to the adolescent lycanthrope known as Scratch?

Sam Kieth is well known to comic fans as the writer/artist of the Maxx and Zero Girl.

Last Saturday, I was digging through the dollar bin at the Exchange when I came across this beauty!

A 16 year old boy named Zack has a deformed finger he keeps under bandages so no one can can see it.

As the days pass by, it gets grosser and more monstrous, until the night of a full moon , when Zack transforms into the werewolf Scratch!

Sam Kieth is a masterful artist that can instill fear and dread in his art as well as his writing ,especially showing the dark side of people and their inhumanity.

This comic is fantastic but the only downside is Batman.

I know people will ask “What do you mean Batman?” “How can that be!?!?!”

This comic could have been a standalone miniseries under the Vertigo Imprint.

It really should have been.

Batman is the character that ties it into the main DC Universe. But does it need to be connected to the main DCU?

My opinion: The comic doesn’t need Batman!

The first issue explores humanity and what makes people human,  how some people are looked down upon because of how they may look due to a disability or genetic defect,  and how we need to look past judging people by their appearances.

This comic is definitely worth a look for those that like monsters, horror, and Sam Kieth.


I give it a solid B +