It’s Here. ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Trailer Finally Arrives.

Game of Thrones fans have known that the final season will start on April 14 for a while now.  What we didn’t know is when (or if) we would get a full trailer to hold us over until then.  Well, my salivating friends, we have one.  HBO released it today.  And FilmExodus has you covered.  Have a gander:

Okay. Wow. Good stuff.  That trailer gives us a little bit to tide us over without giving anything away.  There are some cool bits, including a scene of Jon and Dany walking toward the dragons as if they’re both going to hop on one and go kick some ass.  We’ve got Arya’s voice over and she seems anxious to get down to business.  We have Bran telling someone, presumably Jon, that their choices have led them to where they are now: home.  Jaime is here, fullfilling his vow to fight for the living, truly embodying the name of his sword, Oathkeeper.

There are a few conspicuous absences as well.  My guess is that this trailer is cut from the first few episodes.  Much more than that and they’d probably be heading into spoiler territory.  We’ve got a lot to look forward to, folks, including what’s rumored to be the longest battle sequence ever put on film. Ever.

This might be the one single bit of entertainment that I’m most eager to see this year. Those two minutes have me excited.  There’s a lot to unpack.  Hit the comments below to offer your reactions and make your predictions for the season.  And be sure to meet us back here at FilmExodus this spring for weekly episode breakdowns.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch this trailer about 10 more times and then go binge watch Season 7.