John Carpenter Appreciation Thread

January 16th, 1948 is the date of birth for the master of horror and legendary director John Carpenter. 


In honor of John’s 71st birthday I decided to do an appreciation thread for the man. My first foray into the cinematic world of Mr. Carpenter was 1986’s Big Trouble in Little China. This adventure with Jack Burton, Egg Shen, and Wong versus Lo-Pan captured young Mr. S’s imagination. It wasn’t until I was much older that I grew to love the original Halloween. The local theater would play Halloween to coincide with the holiday, and this has become an annual tradition of mine ever since.  In honor of Mr. Carpenter’s 70th birthday, that same theater held Carpenterfest, and I was able to cross 1987’s Prince of Darkness off my must watch list.  Who thought a vat of green liquid could cause so much trouble?

Let’s celebrate in style by posting a favorite John Carpenter movie or memory here to show our appreciation for the man!