Kill It With Fire! AMC Actively Developing ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff…Again.

The Wrap reports that AMC’s chief operating officer, Ed Carroll, stated a third Walking Dead show is in active development.

The remark came during a conference call with reporters and media analysts.  Carroll went on to say it’s too soon to announce a premier date, but story outlines are currently being pitched and the network feels “very good” about the prospects for the series.

It’s no secret that viewership for the Sunday night staple has been steadily declining for some time now, but that doesn’t seem to discourage AMC from milking the franchise for all it’s worth.  In addition to the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, a trilogy of films featuring Andrew Lincoln’s character, Rick Grimes, is forthcoming.

According to The Wrap, one reason for the remarks was to put the dwindling ratings into perspective.  The Walking Dead is still AMC’s top show and moneymaker, and consistently wins its time slot on Sunday nights.

So what do you think?  Does this franchise still have enough gas left in the tank for another show?  Are you still watching it?