Let Them Fight! Amy Heckerling vs. Catherine Hardwicke

Welcome to “Let Them Fight!”, where we pit two directors with similar backgrounds against one another and let YOU, the commenters decide on who reigns supreme! For an overview of past fights and what’s coming up, click here .

What to Consider

Obviously, which director do you think is better than the other? But what film of theirs proves your point. Remember, it isn’t so much about which film made the most money or was a critical darling, but in your mind which director is better than the other in terms of style, risk, scope, etc.

How I Tally the Votes

I look at the comments posted (only first comments, no replies) to see who they picked. I don’t count comments that don’t give a clear answer on who they chose. If you want your comment to count make sure it is not a reply to someone else’s comment and has a clear definite winner.

Now on to today’s fighters, a pair of directors known for directing some female favorites like Clueless and Twilight: Amy Heckerling and Catherine Hardwicke.

Amy Heckerling

Date of Birth: May 7, 1954 (age 63)

First Directorial Feature: Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Latest Directorial Feature: Vamps (2012)

Photo Credit: Gregory Pace

Catherine Hardwicke

Date of Birth: October 21, 1955 (age 62)

First Directorial Feature: Thirteen (2003)

Latest Directorial Feature: Miss You Already (2015)

Alright, FIGHT!

  • Amy Heckerling

  • Vincent Kane
  • Vincent Kane

    Oh wow this is a toughie. As I let slip on the skeletons in your closet article I do love me some Twilight but I think this goes to-

    Amy Heckerling. Fast Times, Look Who’s Talking, Clueless are some of my favorites.

  • Poppity 🎀
  • Poppity 🎀

    Just my opinion, of course, but I would have matched styles rather than number of films.

  • Poppity 🎀

    Phoebe Cates was such a stunner in her younger days. She was almost too good-looking to be true.

  • King Alvarez

    frustrating isn’t it?

  • Such a tease

  • King Alvarez
  • Sailor Monsoon

    I remember the performances being really good.
    But i haven’t seen it since it first came out

  • Joe Newman

    I will never understand how people can watch Thirteen and not think it’s a really badly made film, but to each their own.

  • To explain the pairings I matched up Directors with a similar amount of directed films. I didn’t see it fair to match a director with 8 films to someone with 3. So if they both did 5 or is one off, they got matched.

  • Joe Newman

    This pairing really confuses, but I will go with the one that has actually made some solid to great movies: Amy Heckerling.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    Although Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown were really solid.

  • Easy. Amy Heckerling. I stick with my 80s female Directors!