Let’s Talk About… ‘Justice League’ (2017)

The time has finally arrived. The DCEU is either ALL IN or ALL BUST.

After the mixed reception Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad received, despite box office success, DC Films finally struck gold with Wonder Woman. But one film in development long before Wonder Woman‘s release was Justice League and now we’re going to see just exactly what type of film it is.

Zack Snyder shot the majority of the film before stepping down due to a family tragedy leaving Joss Whedon to finish reshoots. The latest trailers have shown more color and humor more in line with WW than BvS. Is DC Films finally learning from their mistakes, or is this another troubled mess?

Personally, I don’t mind the darker, grittier tales DC focuses on. The Dark Knight Trilogy is a masterpiece in cinema. However, Superman didn’t need that treatment. He’s supposed to be a beacon of hope. While Batman and the Suicide Squad work in this atmosphere, certain characters suffer under the darker vision. Wonder Woman seemed to have found the right blend in the formula, so here’s hoping that the DC Extended Universe finds renewed success. After all, what fun is a one-sided argument? You need competition to survive.

So, what did you think of Justice League?

  • Was it everything you hoped for?
  • Which character was the MVP of the film?
  • Is it blatantly obvious which director shot which scenes?
  • Where does it rank alongside the other four DCEU films?
  • Finally, do you want to see these characters go “ALL IN” again in a sequel?