Let’s Talk About… ‘The Emoji Movie’ (2017) using only Emojis, Gifs and Memes! (No Words)

Sony Animation is back with another movie that no one wanted! 

The Emoji Movie!

Which is getting hilariously bad reviews and has a 3% on Rotten Tomatoes!

I don’t know why all these great celebrities signed on to this project! Like TJ Miller, Christina Agueliara, Anna Faris, James Cordon, Patrick Stewart?, Maya Rudolph? What a huge waste of great talented people!

Also the film is very dark for a kids movie! Like all the Emojis die! No joke that is in the film.

You know your movie is bad when your humans are better than the main characters of the film.

This could probably make my The Worst Movies of 2017 list!

So I thought it would be fun too do an Emoji review of The Emoji Movie! You can also use Memes and Gif’s too if you like! Just destroy this abomination of a film any way you like! This will be fun!

Here is my review as an example!


I wish Sony did this!

Here is what I thought of The Emoji Movie!

It is crap! Made me confused and angrier the more it went on. This movie was a disease and was so freaking boring that it put me to sleep and made me yawn a lot. I kept checking the time wondering when it was going to end! Got more worried while the movie was still going on. The devil inside me rose and the jokes made me roll my eyes this movie makes you sick and hurted my head. This movie made me want to vomit and I had enough and face palmed so hard at most of the jokes especially the Just Dance and Instagram and Candy Crush references. I waited for death while watching and it never came. I covered my eyes my ears and my mouth while watching it. The movie was so dark and killed all the Emojis that it turned me into a ghost and is a movie that can kill you. Still wasn’t pleased and just wondered who came up with this movie. Then it turned my heart black and I said stop and sirens were flashing in my mind, caution signs and road blocks saying do not finish this film. While watching this film I wanted to take taxi to a bar, get drunk, get into a bar fight, get bitten by a snake full of poison and eaten by a dragon so I can go to a hospital and far away from this film. Wanted to shoot a bow and arrow at this movie for saying some Emojis are cool while some aren’t and just made me dumb.. I wanted to just put a big X in front of the movie and this movie made me question life and Hollywood movie pitches and today’s generation. It made me want to break my phone, not listen to this movie, turn off notification, burn every copy of this movie ever made to the ground, made me want to electrocute myself and burn myself alive. It made me wish that the moon from Majora’s Mask would crash down and wipe me out. I wanted to throw this movie in a volcano and watch it slowly burn to ashes!  I wanted to scream at the people and Sony who green lit this project over Popeye! After the movie ended I had no emotions my face was just in shock by how bad it was and how the Internet and Jacksfilms and everyone on this world’s prediction for this movie was right! It was a big  mess! I hope no one ever has to forge the torture I have brought upon my eyes,ears, While watching this film. If this film was and Emoji it would be this Emoji!

Hopefully we never get a sequel to this crappy abomination!

Sony please don’t make a sequel to this crappy movie even if it makes a lot of money!

Hopefully no one will have to see this awful, crappy  film ever again!

The Emoji Movie is the worst and crappiest  animation movie of 2017!

I said the crap I needed to say about this crappy movie.

Can you make a better Emoji review than mine?

What did you think of The Emoji Movie?

Please don’t see it I beg you don’t go through the torture I did! Save yourself and your Friends from this  movie!

Im Josh

and this movie convinced me to never use Emojis in my text messages ever again!

Thanks The Emoji Movie you are a big piece of crap!

Hopefully Hollywood can make better ideas than this piece of crap !