Let’s Talk About… ‘The Graduate’ (1967)

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The Graduate is an iconic 1967 film, that has the instantly quotable line “Mrs. Robinson – you are trying to seduce me …. Aren’t you?”

I watched this movie for the first time, about three weeks ago and was stunned at the storytelling presented. It wasn’t the type of movie I was expecting. Frankly, I also wasn’t expecting so much Simon & Garfunkle (they seriously play one song about three times).

The Graduate was based on the Charles Webb of the same name. The film received seven Academy Award nominations for Best Picture (Lawrence Turman), Best Actor (Dustin Hoffman), Best Actress (Anne Bancroft), Best Supporting Actress (Katharine Ross), Best Adapted Screenplay (Buck Henry and Calder Willingham), and Best Cinematography (Robert L. Surtees). Mike Nichols won the Academy Award for Best Director.

My favorite scene has to be when Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson are inside her daughter’s bedroom, and Mrs. Robinson then actually does try to seduce Benjamin, offering herself to him whenever he wants.

I’ll save my further opinions for discussing with all of you below. If you are interested in diving deeper into The Graduate, I have posted a few articles below. They include Roger Ebert’s review, a think piece on The Graduate‘s defining role as the film of the 60’s, and a “Making of” article

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