LIVE! Day 1 Of SDCC 2018: WB’s and New Line’s Second Annual ScareDiego

Your host J-Mart is back to cover SDCC 2018 and all the big movies, news and trailers that come out of it.

Last year Warner Bros and New Line introduced ScareDiego at SDCC and IT was a huge hit. They showed of IT, Annabelle Creation and The Nun. Now with IT breaking horror movie records and being the biggest horror hit of all time fans have been patiently waiting for IT Chapter 2.

Now this year expect: The first trailer for The Nun which could be online very soon as we got a brand new poster today.

Expect some news from IT Chapter 2 and some BTS on the set and the adult Loser’s Club interacting with their younger versions and a quick teaser.

Expect our first look and a preview of The Curse of La Llaronna.

I also expect confirmation of Annabelle 3 and The Conjuring 3 and more films in The Conjuring universe in the near future.

They also said to expect some suprise movie announcement and I predict that one of them is Mortal Kombat. That is perfect for SDCC plus we have actual character descriptions. Announcing that movie tonight not only will shock everyone but be a great surprise and I expect a release date. What would be cool and surprising is if we finally get confirmation of Final Destination 6 or a reboot of the hit horror series.

Expect the unexpected at this ScareDiego!

ScareDiego starts now and I will be constantly updating once we get info on a announced film or a new film gets announced.

Just like I say everyday at my job.

Enjoy the show!

Grae Drake is your host of ScareDiego tonight.

First up is IT Chapter 2 and we get a BTS look and Muschetti says that Chapter 2 “cranks up the scares and the horror.”

We get a first scene of The Loser Club reuniting as adult to face Pennywise again.

IT Chapter 2 scares into theaters on September 6, 2019.

James Wan joins the stage to talk about the future of The Conjuring universe and to show off The Curse Of La Llaronna and director Michael Chavez, Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz , Patricia Velasquez take the stage as well.

The film is based on the dark story of La Llaronna which originated in Mexico and is about a weeping women who searches for her kids.

This is one of my favorite ghost stories and I hope The Curse Of La Llorona does this dark urban legend faithfully and is very scary.

“The film follows social worker Anna Garcia in 1973 Los Angeles as she begins diving in to one of her cases and finds foul play at the hands of a supernatural force, which she finds has similarities to the force terrorizing her family. She looks for help from a local faith healer when the entity, La Llorona, attaches itself to her and will stop at nothing to take her children.”

The people who attended the ScareDiego panel got to see 3 scenes from the film as and were scared by the jumpscares and love the 1970’s setting.

La Llarona looks exactly like the legend with dirty fingers, a veil over a white face and she bleeds and cries black tears and she wants her kids.

The Curse Of La Llarona weeps into theaters on April 19, 2019.

Next up tonight is the highly anticipated fall film The Nun.
Taissa Farmiga, Ingrid Bisu, Corin Hardy, Gary Dauberman and a giant cockroach joins the stage. The cockroach didn’t survive sadly. 🙁
The attendees got exclusive clips of The Nun and no new trailer tonight sadly which is just so disappointing. Nuns and a doll invade the aisles.
They are chanting prayers outside the hallway which is scaring away the guests.
They say The Nun will “haunt your dreams and create many nightmares.” Basically if you see The Nun you will lose a lot of sleep.
The Nun arrives into theaters and IMAX on September 7th
The final announcement is Annabelle 3 is happening with Gary Dauberman as a writer and a director. He is still currently writing the script.
Annabelle is coming home to The Warren’s and awaking all of The Warren’s artifacts in the room and haunting their daughter.
It’s going to go down Summer 2019 for sure. If this film is just as good as Annabelle Creation then expect it to be very scary.
Annabelle 3 haunts into theaters on July 3, 2019 just in time for The Fourth Of July.
That’s it for ScareDiego 2018 and it was good but it could have been better and we will eventually get a new trailer for The Nun but there was no surprise film announce this year a as everything was announced before the presentation unless they have something for WB’s Panel in 2 days.
That is the end of tonight’s SDCC coverage see you tomorrow morning for more SDCC coverage with Fox’s and Shane Black’s The Predator.
This is your host J-Mart saying goodnight and have some beautiful and scary nightmares. 🙂
Goodnight Exiles!