Love, Death, Robots, Everything & Nothing

You Feckers know the drill; “Everything & Nothing” is a weekend open post where anything goes. Okay, maybe not anything; but it’s a place to chat about stuff in the reel and real world.


Theatrical Releases:

When the drugs kick in

  1. Wonder Park
  2. Nancy Drew and The Hidden
  3. Captive State
  4. Five Feet Apart
  5. The Aftermath
  6. Ash is Purist White
  7. Chimera Strain
  8. Faith, Hope & Love
  9. The Hummingbird Project
  10. Iceman
  11. The Mustang
  12. No Manches Frida 2
  13. Off Season
  14. Yardie


Netflix Releases:

Love, Death & Boobs

  1. Love, Death & Robots (Season 1)
  2. Arrested Development (Season 5)
  3. Kung Fu Hustle
  4. Queer Eye (Season 3)
  5. A Separation
  6. Burnout
  7. Dry Martina
  8. Girl
  9. If I Hadn’t Met You
  10. Las muñecas de la mafia (Season 2)
  11. Robozuna (Season 2)
  12. Paskal
  13. The Lives of Others
  14. Turn Up Charlie
  15. YooHoo to the Rescue


Trivia for Kung Fu Hustle (2004):

Karate + Looney Tunes

In a 2010 interview with GQ magazine, Bill Murray praised the film:

… the supreme achievement of the modern age in terms of comedy… there should have been a day of mourning for American comedy the day that movie came out.


This Day in Movie History (March 15th, 1948):

What a steal!


Beware the Ides of March, Exiles!