Macaulay Culkin’s Fake Filmography: Jokes Based on the Title


These are jokes about what I think the premise of these movies would be based on the title. If you have a better joke for a certain title, I will replace it up to a week after the original post. Best Joke wins.

This week we’re covering Macaulay Culkin’s career (excluding documentaries and short films).

Rocket Gibralter: Macaulay makes a rocket out of rocks and wonders why it does not work.

See You in the Morning: A precocious little kid (Macaulay) must deal with his own insomnia after his father (Jeff Bridges) goes out for Ice Cream and never comes back.

Uncle Buck: A Disney Film. When Culkin is orphaned, he is forced to move in with his uncle, a male deer voiced by John Candy.

Jacob’s Ladder: Jacob (Macaulay Culkin) must figure out how to get a chute in the most interactive game of chutes and ladders ever.

Home Alone: A family man tries to spend one day alone for some “me time,” but a neighborhood kid (Mac) will not leave him alone. Considered a ripoff of Dennis the Menace.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York –  Mac’s parents drive their trailer home through New York, only to get stuck in Queens. Now, his parents must scavenge for food, while he’s left to fend for himself.

Only the Lonely: A happy friendly guy (John Candy) gets excluded from a group of miserable lonely people. Macaulay plays the kid who got rich off Home Alone.

My Girl: A horror movie. The overprotective father of an Adult daughter (Dan Aykroyd) decides to bury her unworthy suitors alive. Macaulay plays the kid who discovers his actions and blackmails him.

The Good Son: A movie about a good kid who never does anything wrong. Called “Pointless” by The Journal of Couch Potatoes.

The Nutcracker: Culkin plays the son of a mad doctor with a particular fixation on the difference between testicles and Walnuts.

Getting Even with Dad: Macaulay’s mother leaves him with her pimp, “Daddy” (Ted Danson), as a form of revenge.

The Pagemaster: Culkin learns to read 2000 words per minute. The Head Librarian is quite impressed.

Richie Rich: A poverty stricken kid (Macaulay) gives himself a fake name to make himself wealthier. A corporation hears his name and decides to make him the poster boy of their ad campaign.

Party Monster: Dracula (Culkin) goes to parties looking for good cocaine and human prey. Culkin says all of his lines in a Bela Legosi impression.

Saved! –  Macaulay plays an incompetent superhero who has trouble saving people.

Sex and Breakfast: A mild mannered Waffle House Owner (Macaulay) gets in the business of making lubricant from maple syrup.

The Wrong Ferrari: An ordinary Man (Macaulay) gets in way over his head when he takes the wrong Ferrari. Sponsored by Porsche.

Adam Green’s Aladdin: Tom Green’s more talented yet less noticed brother tries to remake Aladdin on a shoestring budget.

Changeland: Macaulay takes his jar of pennies to the land of Change.

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