Marvel Producer Hopes for Future MCU Directors to be 50% Female

Victoria Alonso, a Marvel Studios producer, just said the most reasonable words during an interview with THR.

Alonso was asked when Marvel was going to hire a solo female director (Anna Boden is co-directing Captain Marvel with Ryan Fleck). She hopes that not only will it happen soon, but that it will be the first of many:

“Soon, I hope. Here’s the thing: We want the best person for the job. I don’t think it’s fair to the movie to say, “This has to be directed by a man,” or “That has to be directed by a woman.” I think it has to be a conscious search for the best human — and hopefully the best human, as we continue to fill out our slate, is half and half.”

THIS! This right here is what I like to hear. Not “we need more female directors,” but “We want the best human for the job.” I am all for more diversity, just so long as it feels natural and not forced. Alonso’s statement makes me smile. If the next ten directors hired are women, that is great. If the next three are women, and the next seven are men, that is also fine. What is important is hiring the best person for the job, because if you put out a bad film, nobody is going to care what gender the director was.

Patty Jenkins and Ryan Coogler have proved that hiring diversity for projects with lead diverse characters (Wonder Woman and Black Panther) can work. I think it is time we have more people like Victoria Alonso show us what true diversity behind the camera looks like. Hiring the best human regardless of gender. Now there is something I can get behind.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27, 2018. Check out a new TV spot here.