Mel Gibson Eyeing WWII Thriller ‘Destroyer’ As His Next Film

Perhaps The Passion 2 will be put on hold?

I’m happy to see Mel Gibson back in the spotlight after loosing his goddamn mind over the past couple of years. From landing nice roles in movies big and small (Blood Father, Daddy’s Home 2) while also getting a very nice Oscar nod for Hacksaw Ridge, Gibson is back baby and he doesn’t seem to want to stop. And it looks like he might have his next project locked down for him in the director’s chair.

The Hollywood Reporter recently mentioned that he’s currently circling a WWII film called Destroyer, which is about:

the heroic story the crew from the Laffey defending their ship from an astounding 22 kamikaze attacks.

The film itself is based off of the book Hell from the Heavens: The Epic Story of the USS Laffey and World War II’s Greatest Kamikaze Attack written by John Wukovits. A script, which is penned by Gibson’s longtime girlfriend Rosalind Ross (Matador), has its script already written.

After what he pulled off with Hacksaw Ridge, I’m more than open to seeing Gibson tackle WWII again but I hope he goes for a different approach. What he did with Hacksaw made sense: Creating a bombastic but ultra sincere story of pacifism and standing by your beliefs in times of horror and while that all works fine in dandy in an epic like that movie was, I’m afraid doing it again on what sounds like a tight rope thriller would be inappropriate.