Meryl Streep’s Fake Filmography: Jokes Based on the Title

These are jokes about what I think the premise of these movies would be based on the title. If you have a better joke for a certain title, I will replace it up to a week after the original post. Best Joke wins.

This week we’re covering Meryl Streep’s career (excluding documentaries and short films). Some movies have been excluded as they have been covered before. If you have a suggestion of who you think we should cover next, please leave it in the comments down below.

Julia: Julia Child takes up cooking children.

The Deer Hunter: Meryl plays Bambi’s mother in this tragic tale.

Manhattan: Story of a Bartender making the perfect Manhattan for the most successful woman of Earth (Meryl Streep) in order to win his way into her heart.

The Seduction of Joe Tynan: Joe Tynan gets seduced into buying a Time Share by Meryl Streep.

Kramer Vs. Kramer: Prequel to Seinfeld in which Kramer’s parents get a divorce, causing him to become like he is. Meryl won the Razzie award for her performance.

The French Lieutenant’s Woman: Meryl gets angry at her French Lieutenant, who keeps fleeing difficult situations.

Still of the Night: Meryl tries to make gin at 11 o’clock at night.

Sophie’s Choice: Sophie (Meryl) has to decide which cereal to buy. Meryl won the Razzie award for her performance.

Silkwood: Meryl plays a silk worm who falls in love with a termite (Kurt Russell), only to find that he really bites.

Falling in Love: A man (Robert DeNiro) who’ afraid of heights falls in love with a skydiver (Meryl).

Plenty: The sequel to “Good and…” The Studio decided that this movie was enough.

Out of Africa: Meryl runs a shipping business out of Africa with Robert Redford. Many excruciating scenes of filling out paperwork.

Heartburn: Meryl battles acid reflux while performing open heart surgery.

Ironweed: Meryl tries to invent a new metallic strain of Marijuana, but nobody wants to smoke it.

A Cry in the Dark: Meryl plays a tiny person hiding on a piece of Belgian chocolate.

She-Devil: Roseanne Barr plays the Devil trying to convince people that she’s still evil. Meryl plays her image consultant.

Postcards from the Edge: Meryl keeps receiving mail from U2’s Keyboardist.

Defending your Life: Albert Brooks must defend his choice to stay in prison for life as he knows the mafia will kill him on the outside. Meryl plays his attorney.

Death Becomes Her: Death (Bruce Willis) gets married to mother nature (Meryl). Made to pay off Willis’s gambling debts.

The House of the Spirits: Meryl stays in a haunted house with Jeremy Irons, only to find him scarier than the ghosts.

The River Wild: Meryl voices a river that goes over a waterfall.

The Bridges of Madison County: When the Bridges of Madison County start collapsing, Dirty Harry must grudgingly must team up with fussy D.A. Meryl to solve the case.

Before and After: Meryl stars in a tummy tuck ad.

Marvin’s Room: Eye-opening documentary about what it’s like to be in an average teenager’s room. Described by the press as disgusting.

Dancing at Lughnasa: Story of the annual Drunk dancing competition in Lughnasa.

One True Thing: Meryl plays a compulsive liar who has to tell the truth for once in her life.

Music of the Heart: Four-hour film portraying a heartbeat at various rhythms.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence: The Society for the Advancement of Smart People discovers that their intelligence tests just measure how good somebody is at taking the test.

The Hours: Meryl plays a Swiss watch maker who must figure out why all her clocks are running backwards.

Stuck on You: Meryl plays a glue factory worker who gets stuck to her ex-husband for twenty-four hours. Condemned by the horse community.

The Manchurian Candidate: The first Chinese American Presidential candidate must deal with every problem in his life.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: Story of how Lemony Snicket stubbed his tow, then fell down a flight of stairs, then got hit by an ambulance and two hearses, then…

Prime: Streep plays the number 3, who falls in love with the number 47, only to find that she’s related to him and everybody other number through the number 1.

A Prairie Home Companion: Lassie and Meryl travel across Kansas looking for beautiful scenery.

The Devil Wears Prada: The Devil decides to treat herself to some leather as it’s just too cold in Hell.

Dark Matter: The film refuses to bring up the issue that troubles its characters. Critics called it Incredibly frustrating.

Evening: Meryl plays a vampiress searching for Fresh blood at a high society party.

Mama Mia! – Streep plays a strong Italian mother trying to fix a Spaghetti dinner for her stuffy English in-laws.

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again:  Set the next day, Streep has to create another large Italian dinner for the queen of England.

Doubt: Meryl has to deal with her indecisiveness for an hour and a half. The Critic of the Washington Brawler said, “make up your mind already, dammit!”

Julie & Julia: Story of Julie Kavner and Julia Robert’s bitter rivalry.

Fantastic Mr. Fox: Michael J. Fox becomes a magician. Meryl plays his best friend, Meryl Streep.

It’s Complicated: Meryl changes her relationship status on Facebook to this.

The Iron Lady: Meryl plays a giant mechanical woman. She won the Razzie for her performance.

Hope Springs: An Idealistic bed spring travels to the big city to find a Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

August: Osage County – Law & Order spinoff that never quite took off in which the detectives investigate their own deep seated insecurities at family dinners.

The Giver: The Giving Tree as told from the tree’s perspective. The Tree is played by Meryl in a CGI body suit.

The Homesman: A man with agoraphobia (Tommy Lee Jones) stays inside all day until he sees Meryl Streep murder somebody with her Razzie statues. Now he has to solve the case.

Into the Woods: Meryl gets lost in the forest while searching for her broomstick to sweep the steps of her front porch.

Ricki and the Flash: Ricki (Meryl) decides to train The Flash (played by Zach Galifianakis) how to sing in time for Superman’s birthday.

Suffragette: A Man who opposes women’s right to vote dresses in drag to infiltrate a group of Suffragettes trying to get the vote, only to find himself agreeing with their point of view.

Florence Foster Jenkins: Millionaire Foster Jenkins loses his fortune in a card game and goes to Florence to reclaim it. Meryl plays the street musician that he falls in love with.

The Post: Tom Hanks plays a Fence Post who falls in love with the Owl (Streep) who perches on him.

Films not covered: Adaptation., Rendition, Lions for Lambs