Michael Fassbender To Star In Full Length ‘Kung Fury’ Movie

50 bucks he’s playing Triceracop.

Kung Fury was one of the nuttiest piece of internet media to come along in quite some time. A deliberate send up of every ridiculous 80’s cliche and then some, it found a lot of love for its low budget but strangely ambitious production values and wonderfully goofy sense of humor. And like anything in the world, Hollywood wants to take this 30 minute short and make it into a full length movie (with the help of original creator David Sandberg). And who’s going to be one of the film’s stars? Well, Michael Fassbender of course!

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Fass is currently in talks to star in the film, with the film itself to be a full blown sequel to the original short and that filming will begin soon. To be more specific:

Michael Fassbender has been cast in David Sandberg’s action-comedy Kung Fury, which Sandberg will also star in and produce under his Laser Unicorns’ banner, alongside Fassbender. David Hasselhoff, who appeared in the original Kung Fury and sang the theme song “True Survivor,” will also join the cast.

Released in 2015, Kung Fury was a Kickstarter record-breaking success, was selected for Cannes Directors Fortnight and has gained over 40 million views worldwide. The feature, which will be a sequel to the original short, is set to shoot this summer. The Hollywood Reporter understands this will take place in Europe and the U.S.

Color me interested. Even though Fassbender has had a rough patch in his career lately with bombs like Alien Covenant and The Snowman (the latter especially), he’s almost always a compelling presence on screen and to see him potentially chew the scenery in something like this could be glorious.

  • TheGreenMalice

    I agree, and that works in the short format. For a theatrical release Fassbender’s name alone adds credence. That’s the only elevation I am looking for. Hopefully they keep the lowbrow, with him involved.

  • I mean… he did sign on to be the lead in Assasin’s Creed…

  • Irrevenant

    I’m not sure being elevated would suit it. Isn’t being lowbrow kind of its thing?

  • Of course I’d want to check this ridiculousness out… but I do hope that Fassbender’s career isn’t going down-hill after his streak of bad movies lately, he’s way to good an actor and deserves much better.

  • Peacesquad


  • William Dhalgren


  • Peacesquad


  • William Dhalgren

    Yes. No. Maybe?

  • Peacesquad

    Kung as in martial arts? Wait what’s the premise?

  • ResonanceCascade

    This actually worries me. Fassbender is quickly becoming what Nic Cage was a decade ago: the famous guy who will do any crappy movie. The Kung Fury short was fantastic, but I worry that the joke will run thin in a feature. Hopefully they pull it off.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    Nothing is better than Italian Spider-Man

  • No?

  • Sailor Monsoon

    It was always meant to be a full length film, so i have hope

  • Sailor Monsoon

    You know the answer to this

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    Fassbender was drunk when he signed the contract for this. Only way.

  • TheGreenMalice

    Fassbender may actually be able to elevate this!

  • DropYourLinen

    I’m all in on the condition that there’s an extended, twenty-minute scene of the two Nazis shitting on each other’s mustaches.

  • King Alvarez

    You know it won’t do the short any justice.

  • Sooooo yes?

  • apples and oranges

  • All I want to know is if this is better than Italian Spiderman? @sailormonsoon:disqus

  • This feels a little late, but I’m bad at predicting box office. I thought even the 30 minute short was a bit long.

  • Somehow I knew you’d never seen thia. It’s on youtube. 30 minutes. You’ll dig.



    I was obsessed, I watched the premiere live on YouTube lol

  • TheDeadFellow

    The original short does not have Fass in it but yes it has the Hoff. You can find it for free anywhere last time I checked.

  • What is this? Where can I find it? And it’s got the Fass and the Hoff in it?

    Color me intrigued.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    By bad idea you mean best idea

  • King Alvarez

    Bad idea Sony. I mean Paramount. I mean Hollywood.