Monsoon-A-Day: 3 Mini Movie Review Roundup

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Day 33

I decided to mix things up and review t

Three new films at a time. I didn’t feel like i had much to say about any of them, so i decided to lump them all together.


1. Okja

With each subsequent film, Bong Joon-Ho has consistently proven he’s one of the best directors working today. I believe a lot of that is due to the fact that he never likes to repeat himself. He’s always challenging himself to tell unique, interesting stories regardless of genre. On the surface, it would appear as though Okja is his second monster film after the amazing The Host and technically it is but Okja is a giant ass pig. It’s more Pete’s Dragon than Godzilla.

On to the prerequisite plot describing part of the review: Lucy Marando (Tilda Swinton) found 10 big ass pigs and is giving them to farmers across the globe to raise for a decade to get nice and fat. Cut to 10 years later and Mija (Seo-Hyun Ahn) who has been living with and raising Okja since she was a piglet, suddenly finds out that, not only is Okja not hers but will be taken away soon. And she ain’t having none of that shit. So the film follows her on her quest to rescue her friend. You’ve seen it all before but without spoiling it, Okja’s second half becomes a different film. This isn’t a 2017 movie. It’s an 1980’s film. That was the decade that didn’t have a PG-13, So shit that no child should ever see got released with a G. This isn’t a film for kids of this decade, It’s for kids who were raised on Watership Down and The Plague Dogs. Or Graveyard of the Fireflies and When the wind blows. It’s a rough film with a strong message but a film kids need to see. Who knows, Maybe it’ll bring back the generation of tough ass kids. Okja gets a B+


2. Baby Driver

To say Edgar Wright is talented, is to say water is wet. There may not be a more detail orientated, visually masterful director working today. Take one look at his “Cornetto Trilogy” and you can see the amount of work he puts into each frame of the film. Every single nook and cranny is filled with in-jokes or visual gags or just style. He’s a director that has firm grasp on the concept of style. Where other directors *Cough* Zach Snyder *Cough* try and make every frame cooler than the last, Wright understands that it doesn’t matter how gorgeous the Ferrari you have sitting in your garage is, if it doesn’t have a motor, it’s useless. There needs to be something for the visuals to hang on and thankfully he also knows how to write amazing scripts.

It’s a testament to his skills as a director, that Baby Driver is probably his “Worst” film. A Film other directors would kill to have in their oeuvre, sits at the bottom of his filmography. There’s very little new Baby Driver brings to the heist film genre but what it does, it does incredibly well. Nothing is new but everything is amazing. But that’s like complaining that every Busby Berkeley film is the same. You don’t go to a Berkeley film to be moved by the story or engage with the characters, you go for the amazing choreography. Baby Driver is no different. Every single line of dialogue, every single action made by the characters is perfectly in synch to the soundtrack. It’s Fantasia on speed. With it’s incredible soundtrack and insane, adrenaline filled car chases, Baby Driver gets an A-


3. Cars 3

I was originally just going to write “It’s a thing” for my review but i guess I’ll talk about why Cars 3 technically qualifies as a film and not just white noise with the occasional joke.

Where do we begin? Well, there’s a lot less Tow Mater in this one and that’s a plus. And the new character, Cruz (Cristela Alonzo) isn’t bad. But that’s probably because she hasn’t been worn down by the mediocrity that is this series yet. Seriously, it feels like every actor is phoning it in. I’m not even positive it was Owen Wilson as Lighting. It could’ve been his brother Andrew or Maybe it was some sort of computer A.I they designed to mimic human voice patterns that, for some reason, sounds exactly like Wilson and they just used that to make the movie. Who the fuck knows? Maybe he was held hostage and was forced to make this film by the vengeful ghost of Walt Disney. Again, you can’t tell me that didn’t happen. Nobody knows. But what i do know is that he doesn’t care. Nobody in this film cares. The only one that gives a good performance is Paul Newman and that motherfucker is dead.

It doesn’t feel like a Pixar film. The first has it’s charms and the second just feels like a mistake but this feels like it was made by that studio that handles their Cars spin off movies. The ones with Dane Cook that No one saw. There’s no Pixar magic in this film. It’s the definition of “Going through the motions.” Kids will love it and that’s about it. Cars gets a D+