Monsoon-A-Day: 5 Bite Size Mini Reviews

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Day 32

I decided to mix things up and review five films at a time. I didn’t feel like i had much to say about any of them, so i decided to lump them all together.



Hawk Jones

Bugsy Malone was a 1976 gangster/musical parody with an all child cast. It’s faithful to the spirit of the genre but also making it kid friendly by replacing the alcohol with root beer and the weapons with “Splat Guns.” (Pies. So many pies) It’s a film that proves that any idea, no matter how ridiculous, can be believable with the right director and a great cast. Coming out ten years later, Hawk Jones has the same children-as-adults premise but this time it’s a police procedure ala Lethal Weapon. Hawk Jones reaffirms the idea of  any premise can be good by being the inverse. This is Bugsy Malone without the great director or the amazing cast or the tight script. It doesn’t feel like any of the children auditioned for their roles. Hawk Jones is the cinematic equivalent of bring your child to work day. Skip it.


Wild Zero

Wild Zero is a Japanese film about a punk rock group fighting zombies. Think The Ramones meets Dawn Of The Dead and you’re not too far off. I know what you’re thinking “That’s the greatest premise for a film I’ve ever heard” and i agree but the punk band (Named Guitar Wolf) aren’t the main characters of the film. It’s an ensemble piece and no other character is even remotely as interesting. In fact, Guitar Wolf is more like a deus ex machina than full fledged characters. Characters about to die and boom. In comes Guitar Wolf to save the day. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s still entertaining but could’ve been a classic if they were the main characters. Rent It.


Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried is a 1981 horror film by Alien writer Dan O’Bannon. It’s about about a small coastal town called Potter’s Bluff that has a secret. Why are the seemingly peacefully townsfolk suddenly killing tourists? Is someone or something leading them to murder and why are the victims suddenly reappearing in town as though nothing happened? Dead and Buried is nice twist on the zombie genre. It explains why the dead are coming back and what they want in a clever way. Not exactly scary but thoroughly entertaining. Watch It.


Messiah of Evil

If you’ve played any horror game released in the last 20 years, the plot of Messiah of Evil will sound extremely familiar to you: A woman goes to a small town to instigate the disappearance of her father. And spooky shit happens. There’s some weird plot threads (She meets this guy who has a couple of chicks following him around and they just kinda move in together. I know it was the 70’s but it’s kinda weird and sudden.) But it’s actually a very underrated thriller. I’m actually surprised it’s never been remade. It’s slow but there’s some really effective horror scenes. One in a supermarket and one in a theater are stand outs. Watch It.


Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is the third of five Beatles films and it’s my least favorite of the ones I’ve seen. I haven’t seen Magical Mystery Tour or Let It Be but A Hard Day’s Night is a classic. Mixing slapstick, rapid fire word play and an amazing soundtrack, A Hard Day’s Night is never boring. Now take that film, remove the Beatles, make it animated and dial the crazy to 11 and you have Yellow Submarine. It reminded me of the cartoon Porky In Wackyland but stretched to 90 minutes. I don’t mind crazy psychedelia, i just feel like there needs to be a point. There has to at least have a plot to carry me from scene to scene and i don’t feel like Yellow Submarine has one. It feels like they picked 5 amazing songs and crafted a script around them instead of utilizing them in a more organic way. There’s a character who’s sole purpose to the narrative is for the Beatles to have an excuse to sing “Nowhere Man.” It’s just scenes loosely connected by their songs, so i’d rather just listen to the album. This film did nothing for me but for some of you, i feel like it’ll really connect. Rent It. And if you’re a fan, check out this short:

I feel like it’s kinda similar. Oh and here’s Porky in Wackyland: