Monsoon-A-Day: All The ‘James Bond’ Films

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Day. 10


In honor of James Bond week, I decided to review some of the more obscure James Bond films and Rip-offs and next up is:

Since it’s the last day of bond week, i decided to rank the bonds with a mini review.
Before we start this list is biased because i do not like moore. I believe the only people who like moore are the ones who grew up watch bond with their fathers and for some reason, father’s love moore.
I don’t get it.

I also did not rewatch these films, so I’m going off of old memories.



For Your Eyes only

If you put a gun to my head and told me to name all of the Bond films, I’d die every time because for some reason this movie refuses to stick to my mind.
Great theme song.
Everything else is forgettable.



The Spy Who Loved me

I remember nothing about this film.
Is this the one with the union Jack parachute?
Couldn’t tell you.
This is Pretty much tied for last place



Quantum Of Solace

Strong opening but this movie is in that weird zone.
It’s not bad enough to remember anything ridiculous about it and not good enough to be remembered.
Die another day is always attacked for being a low point but you remember everything bad about it.
There’s a car chase
Boat chase
Foot chase
And plane chase in this and i remember none of it.
Killer theme song though.




Bond dresses up like a clown.
That’s all i remember and because of that, it’s not in last place



License To Kill

This one is dark if memory serves.
It doesn’t feel like a Bond film.
Like a more dour Lethal Weapon film.
Wayne Newton is awesome in it.



The Man With The Golden Gun

The only reason this isn’t at the bottom is because Christopher lee is in it.
And i really like the premise.
Worst. Theme. Song. Ever.



You Only Live Twice

Connery disguises himself as a Japanese man.
Oh and he gets married but the original cover wife was too fat for his liking.
And there’s a cool poison dripping scene that was taken from shinobi no mono.
That’s all i remember.



Diamonds Are Forever

I think it has one of the greatest openings to a bond film ever.
His line after killing blofeld:
See you in hell.
That’s crazy dark.
I also enjoy Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd



Die Another Day

Yes it’s ridiculous but is it honestly any worse than a moore era film?
Rick Yune plays a pretty solid villain and some of the action isn’t terrible.
It’s not great but it gets far too much hate.



Tomorrow Never Dies

When i was a kid, I always thought Sean Bean should’ve been Bond.
I was probably being a contrarian but the more i think about it, the more i side with my younger self.
I really like Brosnan as an actor and i think he got dealt a bum hand but imagine Bean in this film along side Yeoh.
It would’ve been the most badass bond film.
This one is middle of the road Bond.
Poor Brosnan.



The Living Daylights

I really love this theme song.
I think Dalton did something interesting in the role and there’s some great action set pieces.
But it’s not one i revisit.




Silly but unlike 80% of the Moore films, I at least remember things about it.
The best thing the Moore films did was continuously bring back Jaws.
What a great character.
Hopefully Batista turns into the next Jaws or something similar.



A View To Kill

Two things would’ve put this in the top ten:
1. Replace the older than death Moore.
2. Convince David Bowie to play the villain.
Other than that, i think it’s a solid Bond film



Dr. No

Where it all started.
Still holds up.
The first one on the list that’s only lower because there’s better in the franchise not because it sucks less.



Live And Let Die

Easily the best Moore bond film.
Great theme song.
Great villain.
Great Bond Girl.
If he had two more as good, he could’ve been a contender.
But after this film, he always acts like he’s in on the joke.
Like he’s above the character.
That’s why i dislike his bond.
But i have to admit, this one is great.



The World Is Not Enough

If Angelina Jolie was cast in the denise Richards role, this would be right behind Goldeneye.
This could’ve been Brosnan’s Skyfall but it’s still an enjoyable, if ridiculous Bond film.
And the villain is great.




This is Craig’s From Russia with love.
It could’ve been the best in the franchise but it’s too long and the need to shoehorn Blofeld in as this great Puppetmaster behind all of the events was handled terribly.
Flawed but better than most.



From Russia With Love

I personally think it’s a tad overrated but what’s great is really great.
Robert Shaw is superb as the villain and there’s some great action.



On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

It’s probably gone from the most underrated to the the most overrated over the years but it’s still incredible.
Telly Savalas is the best Blofeld in the entire series, Diana Rigg is the best Bond Girl and although Lazenby is wooden, He’s easily the most badass bond.
You believe he can kick someone’s ass.
And the ending is amazing.




Almost the perfect bond film.
Every element is amazing.
The casting, The Action, The Set Pieces
And the fact that it spawned one of the greatest games of all time doesn’t hurt.
If every follow up was this good, Brosnan would’ve been the best Bond period.




Probably my favorite bond film.
What it lacks in great villains from previous movies, it makes up for in fun.
It’s just a breezy fun action romp.
And i don’t think Connery was any better.




The Rat monologue is one of the best Bond moments of all time.
The only reason Casino Royale is higher, is that it has a better Bond Girl.
These 3 are almost interchangeable in my opinion




When i think of a bond film, This is the film that comes to mind.
Iconic lines.
The best theme song.
One of the Best Bond girls.
It has it all.
This is the quintessential Bond film.



Casino Royale

If Goldfinger is the quintessential Bond film, why is Casino Royale Number 1?
Goldfinger is dated.
It’s of its time.
It’s like a time capsule of the 60s.
Casino Royale on the other hand i believe will age better.
Yes technology will make certain scenes obsolete but i firmly believe Casino Royale will be remembered for years to come.

Goldfinger is a great Bond Film
Casino Royale is a great Film

Plus it has Eva Green.
Instant win.