Monsoon-A-Day: ‘Alucarda’

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Day. 15


There’s no genre of film with more sub genres than horror.  In fact, even the sub genres have sub genres. (It’s like inception but with more tits and blood.)

One of the more outrageous and often overlooked categories is Nunsploitation.

Nunsploitation often involve women being oppressed either religiously or sexually, take place in a convent during the middle ages and/or involve the inquisition.

And nudity.

Lots and lots of nuns being naked.

Mother, Joan of Angels is typically cited as being the first but it was really Ken Russell’s  The Devils released a decade later, that would kickstart the genre.

Loosely based on one of the earliest vampire novels – Carmilla, Alucarda tells the story of 15 Year old* Justine arriving at a convent that doubles as an orphanage and immediately becoming friends with a fellow orphan named Alucarda.

Alucarda shows Justine her “Secrets” (bugs. She shows her bugs) and they decide to go find some more in the forest. While searching for “Secrets” (Again, bugs) they encounter a weird looking gypsy trying to sell them some shit.

He looks like a cross between a goat and a guy that Fucks goats.

He gives Alucarda a necklace or something. I don’t remember. And then they fuck around in a cemetery and open up a tomb that may or may not release the devil. It’s unclear whether the goat fucker is the devil or the presence they released is the devil but immediately after those scenes, a naked devil orgy happens.

After the orgy, The film checks all the Nunsploitation boxes:

1. Nuns freaking out and then scenes of self-flagellation.

2. A priest trying to get the main character to repent through extreme exorcism.

3. Nuns freaking out and then scenes of orgies

But where most deal with the religious mania surrounding the devil, Alucarda strays from the pack. The devil is 100% real. One of the characters comes back with the help of Satan and then it turns into a crazy revenge film. Think Carrie by way of bava and you’re not too far off.

For those last 10 minutes I’d put Alucarda closer to the top of The “Crazy Nun” films sub genre but I think The Devils or Flavia the Heretic are better films overall.

*second film in a row where the main character was under age and naked. I feel like I’m on a watch list now.