Monsoon-A-Day: ‘Casino Royale’ 1967

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Casino Royale 1967

In honor of James Bond week, I decided to review some of the more obscure James Bond films and Rip-offs and next up is the sex comedy adaptation of Casino Royale 1967.

Comedy is subjective.
I once bought a comedy album called
My Son The Nut from a thrift store a couple of years back.
It’s the record with the famous song Camp Granada. You know the one:
‘Hello Muddah…Hello Fuddah….’
I’m listening to this relic of Jewish comedy and it gets to the lyric ‘Oh please don’t make me stay…I’ve been here one whole day…’

I don’t know if Allen Sherman took over the catskills and held those people hostage And the only way they could call for help was to laugh in Morse code or they were told before the show that he was dying from a rare disease and the only thing that can save his life was hysterical laughter but that audience lost their shit.
They were laughing like he just created comedy right before their eyes.

But again, Comedy is subjective.
What one generation finds funny, another Will find bewildering.
(I can only imagine what the next generation will think of Pewdiepie…)

Having said that, there’s no generation living or dead that the 1967 “comedy” Casino Royale was Made for.

Harold p. warren once made a bet with notable screenwriter Stirling Silliphant that Not only were movies easy to make, he could make one in less than 2 months*.
And thus Manos: The hands of fate was born.

*He lost that bet. We all lost that bet.

I don’t know if *Big Breath* Ken Hughes, John Huston, Joseph mcgrath, Robert Parish and Richard Talmadge all heard that story and made a collective “I’ll take that bet” or if Peter Sellers infamous behind the scenes behavior was to blame but Casino Royale is one of the most bloated, painfully unfunny films ever released.

The plot (If there is one) is incoherent.
The comedy (If there is any) is non-existent.
Nothing about this film works.
It’s misunderstanding of comedy or even basic plot structure is so inept, it’s bordering on awe inspiring.

This movie is the cinematic equivalent of the old joke:
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Skip this movie at all costs.

Oh and i didn’t forget to mention the cast.
The movie forgot to use them.