Monsoon-A-Day Double Feature: ‘TerrorVision’ and ‘The Video Dead’

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Day 21



TerrorVision is a 1986 horror film produced by Charles Band. Before he was cranking out films about killer dolls and killer bongs (And anything else that could easily turn into Merch) He decided to tell the simple story of an alien being transmitted into a kids television and the parents that just want to swing.

The parents trying to have sex with the neighbors is at least 50% of this film. I miss the 80’s.

The set up is pretty simple: In a far away galaxy, a prison decides to get rid of their most dangerous inmate by transmitting it to space. (Mike Teevee style) And our TV obsessed family just bought a new satellite that breaks and is able to get signals from other planets. The alien gets in the TV and predictable chaos ensues.

Pros: The cast is filled with genre mainstays like Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul), Gerrit Graham (Phantom of the Paradise) and Jon Gries (Monster Squad) The Design of the alien is fun and the fact that the plot literally revolves around two parents who just want to swing is incredible


Cons: It’s a premise that doesn’t really go anywhere. The alien quickly eats the grandpa and the main character (A little kid) has to avoid it. Then the alien eats all the parents and then the main character, His sister and her boyfriend try and teach it shit by using the television. It freaks out because it hates commercials. And then it eats everyone. The powers of the alien are unclear:(When it eats you, you become part of it and it can teleport through the television even when it’s not on) and there’s a weird Subplot involving a Elvira type midnight host who looks like Medusa.

All in all, it’s not the worst film but it seems like it was written in two days.


The Video Dead

The Video Dead is a 1987 Canadian (I’m not 100% sure it’s Canadian but I feel like it’s Canadian) horror film about zombies that come out of a television set.

What’s interesting about this film is that it’s really three films in one. The first film is the set up: A new family moves into a house unaware that there’s a television in the basement that’s a portal to hell. There’s also a slight romance between the daughter of the family and the neighbor. They inevitably turn on the television and zombies happen.

Second movie: The neighbor becomes the protagonist along with a guy that inexplicably knows everything that’s going on. They team up to hunt zombies in the woods. It’s very reminiscent of a low rent Stakeland. And shockingly both characters die. I honestly didn’t see that coming.

The third movie: The daughter is all alone in the house waiting for the neighbor and the ol’ zombie expert to come back. Armed with the knowledge that the zombies hate their own reflection, She puts mirrors all over the exterior of the house but they still get in. Then she realizes that they only attack if you show fear.

So she makes them dinner and teaches them how to dance. This is played completely straight.

The film disguises it’s low budget with interesting ideas and is constantly shifting focus, So you never know what’s going to happen next.

TerrorVision is watchable but The Video Dead is an underrated zombie flick you should definitely check out.