Monsoon-A-Day: ‘Full Eclipse’ 1993

There was a time where the idea of a justice league movie or a Spider-Man movie was an impossible dream. This generation has no idea what it’s like growing up and not having your favorite things readily available to you.

My generation had fan castings. Where we sat around the playground and pitched our ultimate movie.

Michael J. Fox for Peter parker: No, he’s too old.

How about Jim Carrey? No, he’s too silly.

That’s what we did. We pitched actors for characters, we pitched directors for movies, story ideas and crazy crossovers.

Because we didn’t have anything. Between Batman and Robin and X-Men, there was nothing. So anytime there was a film even remotely sharing the structure of a superhero film, I was all over it.

The plot of Nightbreed sounds exactly like someone pitched an X-Men film and barker stopped them at the beginning and said “You had me at mutants.”

Replace the psychics with mutants in Trancers 2 and again, It’s X-Men.

Even the terrible Street Fighter has a superhero structure. (That’s how desperate we were for a comic book movie or even a video game movie)

That leads us to the 1993 action film Full EclipseMade at a time where Hollywood was still trying to make Mario Van Peebles a thing, Full Eclipse is about a cop (Peebles) going through, just a shit week. His marriage is on the rocks, his partner was shot up and is now in a coma and he has a incurable case of 90’s hair.


Things aren’t looking too great for our top cop but lo and behold, what is this? His partner is out of his coma, As if by some sort of medical magic? Huzzah top cop your problems are over. Nothing bad will happen to you for the rest of the film.

15 minutes later and his partner kills himself right in front of him.

I jumped the gun with all the confetti and champagne.

Why he killed himself and how he comes back are linked to a scientist who’s helping the disenfranchised become super cops with the use of a serum. And they want Peebles Cop to join their quest to rid New York of crime.

It’s 100% a superhero origin story.

Switch Peebles cop with wolverine and the villain with Professor X and it’s X-Men as cops as werewolves.

Oh yeah. I kinda buried the lede (Lead?)

The cops are werewolves.


Imagine if John woo directed wolf cop and you’re not too far off. For a 10 year old me, this was MY X-Men.