Monsoon-A-Day: ‘Kuso’ 2017

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Day 43



The beginning of the film Rubber starts with a monologue about why anything in any movie happens. Why is the alien in E.T  Brown? Why doesn’t anyone wash their hands in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Why does JFK get shot in the film JFK? The answer to all of those questions is obviously no reason.

The film makes a case for its own existence by explaining that it exists as an homage to “no reason.” It’s a self aware beginning to an absurd film but it actually serves a purpose. It brings a point no film has ever brought up before: Why does *this* thing exist? The answer is always- because the director wanted to tell *this* story and that brings us to Kuso.

Obviously this was a story Flying Lotus (Credited as Steve) and Salad Fingers creator David Firth wanted to tell, so I guess the real question is: why?

To make the audience physically ill? There was numerous walk outs at Sundance due to attendees being nauseous, so maybe.

To make the audience feel like they’re on a drug trip? It has a shit ton of visual and auditory triggers that are designed to elicit some sort of reaction I guess, so that is also a maybe.

To tell a compelling story with well rounded characters that take you on an emotional story? Fuck no.

The story, if there is one, consists of a huge earthquake in California that kills millions of people and releases a plague that doesn’t do anything plot related but does make everyone gross looking and then there’s a kid feeding shit (literal doo doo butter) to an alien and a guy trying to get an abortion and an asian woman trying to rescue her son from a monster. That’s it.

I’m not being intentionally glib, I honestly can’t remember anything that happens in the film and more importantly, there’s really not much that happens in the film anyways. There’s scenes that happen and then some other scenes that happen but there’s no connective tissue or cohesion of any kind.

It’s just a montage of gross out “body horror” that doesn’t really have any impact because everything looks fake and it’s filled with painfully unfunny Bullshit that doesn’t advance the “plot” in anyway.

The best way to describe Kuso is imagine someone taking all of the nastiest scenes from the Greasy Strangler, all of the nonsense from Forbidden Zone and all the crazy bullshit from a terrible Tim and Eric episode and then blended it all up and then force dripped it into your eyes while they’re pried opened A Clockwork Orange style and you’d get an idea of what it’s like watching Kuso.

It’s nonsense that has no real reason to exist outside of the reason Rubber tried to give. An homage to “no reason.” an exercise in “absurdity.” A pointless endeavor designed to either gross out, piss off or bore the audience into leaving. It’s like a challenge or dare the makers are giving the audience. “I bet you won’t make it through this film.” And the only way to win the bet is to avoid it in the first place.

Congratulations Kuso, you are easily the worst film I’ve seen this year. Maybe that’s the point? I don’t even know anymore.