Monsoon-A-Day: ‘Little Nightmares’ 2017

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Day. 11

Little Nightmares


Today I’m going to shake things up and review a video game. Enjoy.

Imagine if Guillermo del toro and spirited away had a baby and playdead studios (Limbo, Inside)
Made a video game about that baby.

That’s Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares is a 2D platformer hide and sneak hybrid where you control a little girl in a raincoat avoiding human-like monstrosities and solving puzzles.

Much like Inside before it, the story is the aesthetic.
There’s no dialogue or cutscenes but you get enough of the plot by traversing the various levels of the enormous ship you’re on.

The gameplay for a good chunk of the game is comprised of hiding from enemies and solving rudimentary puzzles, it’s not till later do i feel that the difficulty is even remotely a problem.
Only one puzzle made me think outside of the box.

I believe it’s also unfortunate that the game never fully utilises it’s fully explorable environments. You’re able to walk not just left to right but as far as the area allows you too but walking behind things or towards the camera never offers anything* and since you have full control, some platforming sections are needlessly difficult.
*Although there are some collectables.

The Game is also unfortunately short.
I don’t like using length as a negative but i believe any player can easily beat this within 4 hours. So it’s up to you whether a 4 hour game justifies a 20 dollar purchase.

Like the best dream, Little Nightmares offers an unforgettable experience but ends right when it was getting great.

My Score=B