Monsoon-A-Day: Monsoon’s Mid Year Movie Blowout

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Day 23

It’s about the middle of the year and it’s time for my first annual mid year report. What I’ve seen so far this year and where they rank.

This ranking will mostly change by the end of the year, So this is just what my gut feeling right now.


18. The Love Witch

Nothing about this film worked for me. Visually, it’s amazing but the kitschy 70’s aesthetic wore out it’s welcome in the first ten minutes and it’s a two hour film. It took me a week to get through it.


17. XX

Anthology horror films are always a mix bag. There’s less than five i would consider amazing and this isn’t one of them.

The first story starts off with an intriguing premise but not only is there no explanation to the events that occur, there’s no pay off. What ever you think will happen, does happen.

The second is a fun story about a corpse. Not horror per say, but it’s the most enjoyable.

The next is about a monster and i remember very little about it and the last is about a kid that’s son of the devil or some shit. Again, i barely remember it. It’s much better than VHS viral and ABC’s of Death 2 but that’s not saying much.

It really bums me out that the two films I’ve seen this year directed by women are at the bottom of my list. Because they were at the top of my most anticipated list from last year.


16. The Blackcoat’s Daughter

It’s on the list mostly because I’ve heard it was a masterpiece for the last three years now and it did not live up to the hype at all. It’s not terrible and I’m actually interested to see what the director does next but it never clicked with me. I didn’t care about anything that was happening and i didn’t think the build up lead to a great payoff. I have no problem with slow burns but you better burn the house down at the end and it didn’t.


15. Ghost in the Shell

While compiling the list of films I’ve seen that have been released this year, I completely forgot this thing existed. Not only forgettable but pointless. The only reason it isn’t at the bottom of my list is because it has Beat Takeshi in it.


14. We Are The Flesh

I don’t mind trippy films. I don’t mind gross out films. I don’t mind existential films. I don’t mind pretentious films. But when you try and do all four at once, you better do them all correct or do something mind blowing.

It doesn’t.

This is the film equivalent of a naked guy juggling chainsaws while spinning plates. Everything falls apart quickly but it was enjoyable for a second.


13. Sleight

I think i might’ve over sold this films quality in my review. I still like it but it really is a film setting up a sequel and i feel the second one will be something special based on the universe this film created.


12. The Void

When Antiviral was released, it felt as though Brandon Cronenberg was trying to prove he can successfully take over the body horror genre his father created. He can.

When Heart Shaped Box and Nos4a2 were released, It felt as though Joe Hill was proving he could move out of his father’s shadow. He can.

The Void feels like a film made by an non existent son of Clive Barker who is desperately trying to prove he’s got the goods. He doesn’t.


11. Gifted

It’s a fine date movie with a charming Chris Evans and an adorable performance by McKenna Grace. Oh and the cat is cute too.


10. Free Fire

Amazing cast put in a situation i didn’t think would be possible. It is literally a 90 minute shoot out. The novelty of the premise does start to wear thin and the geography is a huge issue (I could never pinpoint exactly where everyone was in relation to each other) but other than that, it’s a fun romp.


9. The Lego Batman Movie

Not as clever or as entertaining as The Lego Movie, Lego Batman still offers some top notch entertainment. I think it will move higher on my list on another viewing.

And Ralph Fiennes as Alfred is fucking brilliant.



8. Split

In a just world, McAvoy would get an Oscar nom for his multiple performances. He is fearless in the role. I think it’s a solid thriller that turns into something even more exciting with the final reveal. I can’t wait for the sequel.


7. The Girl with all The Gifts

It only took 30 years but we finally got an amazing video game adaptation. They really nailed the atmosphere of the games and the bleak tone is intact. I do think it’s a little weird they changed Joel’s sex but you can’t beat Glenn Close…


This isn’t an adaptation of The Last of Us?

Moving on then.


6. Kong: Skull Island

I understand the hate. I wasn’t a huge fan of Godzilla (2014) and i absolutely abhor Jurassic world, So i can see why people would dislike this new take on Kong but it worked for me. Yes, Hiddelston and Larson are pointless but they’re not as bad as Jimmy the book thief from Peter Jackson’s King Kong nor is it an ungodly runtime either. It’s a fast paced monster romp and i dug it.


5. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Elijah Wood is slowly turning into my favorite actor. He has transitioned from amazing kid actor into such an interesting character actor. I loved everything about this film and i think Macon Blair has the chops.


4. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

I think another edit would turn this film into the best film of the MCU. For some reason, Gunn decided to destroy every emotional beat by either undermining it with humor or not letting scenes play out long enough. There’s a scene where a character has a quick mental montage of memories that help him/her overcome a challenge and it should’ve been used 10 minutes later in the films most emotional scene. The montage could’ve been longer and the payoff would’ve been amazing. It’s just an oddly edited film.

Still fun though.


3. Get Out

In a world without Black Mirror, This film is a masterpiece. It’s still a tremendous film with brilliant social commentary but i couldn’t help but feel it was originally written as an episode of Black Mirror and then stretched out a bit for theatrical length. I can’t wait to see what Jordan Peele does next.


2. John Wick 2

Seriously, I don’t think there’s anything more enjoyable or even oddly relaxing then watching Keanu Reeves reload a gun. It’s my moment of Zen.

Oh and the film is fucking awesome too.


1. Logan

The only reason i don’t consider this film better than The Dark Knight, is the fact that it doesn’t have a strong villain. That’s literally the only reason. This film is damn near flawless.


That’s my list. I haven’t seen too many films this year but that number will be tripled by years end.

Comment below with your list and i could add my favorite television shows and games in the comments if y’all demand it.