Monsoon-A-Day Movie Catalog 36

Since I’m going to start reviewing a movie a day, (or every couple of days…) I thought it would be fun to go all the way back to when I first started watching a movie a day and catalog them all here for anyone who’s interested.

And who knows, maybe this’ll inspire someone else to do the same thing.
I’ll post them a month at a time.

I’m even introducing a new grading scale.

Month. 36


Nov. 1 The Abominable Dr. Phibes   B+

Nov. 2 The Jodorowsky Constellation (No Grade)

Nov. 3 Long Way North   B

Nov. 4 Thor: Ragnarok   C+

Nov. 5 Stoner   D-

Nov. 6 Red Heat  C

Nov. 7 The Runestone  D+  (It has one great scene)

Nov. 8 What Happened to Monday   C+

Nov. 9 Fear X  D+  (Super disappointing)

Nov. 10 Pet Semetary  D+   (Ripe for a remake)

Nov. 11 The Ambulance   C

Nov. 12 Blair Witch   F

Nov. 13 Band of the Hand   C+

Nov. 14 Three Days of The Condor   A

Nov. 15 The Entity   B+

Nov. 16 Scarecrow   B+

Nov. 17 Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond.   A

Nov 18 Buffy the Vampire   C+

Nov. 19 Super Dark Times   B+

Nov. 20 The Dark Backward   D-

Nov. 21 Beauty and the Beast (1978)  B+

Nov. 22 The Devil at your Heels   B

Nov. 23 The Blue Lagoon   D

Nov. 24 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri   A

Nov. 25 Tootsie   A

Nov. 26 Starman   B

Nov. 27 Liquid Sky    D-

Nov. 28 An American Tail    C-

Nov. 29 Hugo the Hippo   C

Nov. 30 Flash Gordon    B+


Mini Reviews or random thoughts:

The Abominable Dr. Phibes is crazy fun.

Long Way North is a sorely underseen animated film that deserves more attention.

Thor: Ragnarok was fun but I’m getting real tired of using that word to describe Marvel films. They’re all turning into cinematic cotton candy. Delightful but cotton candy ain’t a meal.

What Happened to Monday has problems but is pretty entertaining.

Fuck Blair Witch.

I don’t normally grade documentaries but goddamn was Jim and Andy great.

Super Dark Times. See it.

You’ll either love or hate The Dark Backward. I appreciate it’s weirdness but meh.

The Blue Lagoon exists. I wonder if Brooke Shields’s obituary will read “the former child star that America really wanted to have sex with.”

Liquid Sky is a weird fucking movie.

Hugo the Hippo is also weird but enjoyably so.

Flash Gordon. I apparently had never seen this film. I had seen numerous clips over the years and just assumed I had seen it years ago. It’s a campy remake of the Wizard of Oz. And Brian Blessed is a fucking god.