Monsoon-A-Day: ‘Outlast 2’ 2017

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Day. 12

Outlast 2


Once again, I’m shaking things up and reviewing a video game.

I live in Arizona.
I have relatives that are literally in the middle of nowhere.
They’ve intentionally ostracized themselves from the population by creating a hillbilly commune made up of interlocking trailers and walls built from broken down cars.
They have their own religion.
They have their own rules.
It’s like salvation mountain meets the hills have eyes.
I’ve heard stories.
I’ve seen some shit.

So i was extremely excited when heard Outlast 2 was not only going to be set in Arizona but be about cults.

In Outlast 2 you play as journalist Blake Langermann, along with his wife Lynn trying to uncover the truth behind the savage murder of an unknown pregnant woman.
Things take a turn for the worst and soon you’re being hunted by extreme cultists who’ve abducted your wife.

The story is very reminiscent of the first (journalist trying to uncover the truth in the most cliche horror scenario imaginable) but where this one differs is in the gameplay. The first was a very claustrophobic experience, tight hallways, cramped sewers, Etc.
This one opens up.
You’re in a much more open environment and the game takes advantage of that by crafting new scares.

You never hid from more than one enemy at a time in the first. This one has multiple crazies trying to find you and catch you to sacrifice to their god.
They’ve tried to balance the difficulty of multiple enemies and larger areas by introducing a microphone.
Now you can track enemy locations even if you can’t see them.
It’s a minor addition but it’s absolutely essential, especially in locations like the cornfield.

Since you can’t defend yourself, it does become a bit tedious to constantly run in circles to avoid enemies once your spotted.
It stops being scary and kinda kills the momentum.

Great atmosphere and well crafted jump scares make this a memorable addition to the survival horror genre but they desperately need to change the formula in the sequel.

My Score=B