Monsoon-A-Day ‘Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance’ 2015

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Day 20


Cult classics or even films that fall under the ‘So-Bad-They’re-Good’ banner only work if it happens organically.

Nobody likes watching terrible films but some films are so earnest in their attempts at greatness, So hilariously misguided, That it’s impossible to not be entertained.

But the love has to be organic. People have to discover your film. You can’t set out to be the next Ed Wood or The next Tommy Wiseau because they didn’t think they were making Trash.

Ed Wood compared himself to Orson Welles, Tommy Wiseau thought he was Marlon Brando, and James Nguyen still thinks he’s Hitchcock. He took their films incredibly serious and that’s why they’re beloved. Yes, they are terrible but there’s a million terrible films.

Nobody has midnight showings of Troll even though it’s just as bad as the sequel because it’s missing that something special. It’s missing the craziness of a Claudio Fragasso. He’s a terrible, Terrible director but he doesn’t think he’s terrible. And you can see it.

In 1991, Amir Shervan Released Samurai Cop to little fan fare and it quickly disappeared, But somewhere in the mid 2000’s, It started becoming more and more infamous. There was a Rifftrax released and tons and tons of internet videos detailing all of the absurdity within. Once it was found, it was an immediate Cult Hit.

Fans loved the insane Lethal Weapon knock off and it became a hit at festivals and Midnight Showings.

And then someone decided to ride the nostalgia wave to fame and glory. In 2014, There was a Kickstarter to make a sequel that promised the original actors, plus new editions like George Lazenby and Tommy Wiseau.

It was a success and by 2015, (Without original villain Robert Z’dar or George Lazenby) Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance was released.

And it’s terrible. It’s truly god awful. Because it’s trying to be. The acting is abysmal, The soundtrack cuts in and out because bad movies do that, They intentionally dug in silencer gunshots for thh Grenade Launchers because it’s hip to be ironic.

I have pages and pages of shit i wrote down but it’s not worth giving a scene by scene breakdown because it’s intentionally trying to suck.

You can tell they’re feeding Wiseau’s lines to him off screen because absolutely nothing he’s saying has anything to do with anything.

“Chen Chow was my best friend and he became a woman under the influence of alcohol.”

Two things:

  1. There is no Chen Chow in the film
  2. This is Wiseau’s Character’s Deathbed confession.

He’s literally bleeding out and the director is having him scream out stupid nonsense because Wiseau sounds funny.

No generation will have fond memories of Asylum produced shit or Sharknado because they’re garbage that’s self aware. When you’re in on the joke, The joke is over. And that’s Samurai Cop 2.

Samurai Cop 2 is the equivalent of that guy that goes to a Halloween party that has a plain white t-shirt on that says “This is my Halloween costume.” He thinks the irony is hilarious.