Monsoon-A-Day ‘Seeding Of A Ghost’ 1983

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Day 46


Shaw Brothers studios are synonymous with the chop socky genre. From 1951 to as recent as 2003, they produced hundreds of films. Granted, they weren’t the highest quality and almost all of them reused the same locations, sets, actors and costumes but it’s still insane to shoot and release up to 30 films a year. Especially considering they were all action films. No other independent studio has had that amount of films released. Not even Roger Corman and that man can make a film out of a handshake and a free lunch.

Kung Fu flicks are their legacy but they also made a handful of horror films. They’re no where near as well known but if Seeding of a Ghost is any indication of their quality, they’re fucking crazy.

Seeding of a Ghost is about a cab driver driver named Anthony that accidentally hits a wizard? (I don’t know what you call a guy that uses black magic) with his cab and then has a curse placed on him. Because according to the wizard, “You don’t interfere with black magic.” Now to add a little context to the scene, the wizard was getting chased by an angry mob, which they never explain who or what they want, to which the wizard runs out in front of Anthony’s cab. And Anthony checked to see if he was ok.

So basically the wizard is a dick that fucks over Anthony for no discernable reason. The curse consists of every one in his life being killed or some shit. I’m not exactly sure what the rules are but that’s the gist. Now with that set up, you would expect the next 90 minutes of the film to be similar to Drag me to Hell or something, where the main character is constantly bombarded with bullshit till they die ironically or something but the Shaw Bros have never seen any other film before. They rip off nothing.

What you actually get is maybe 20 minutes of Anthony’s wife cheating on him with a married man and watching her hang out with him and bitch at him for not leaving his wife. Ten minutes after you have the thought “Wait, isn’t this supposed to be about a ghost or something? What the fuck am I watching?” They have a fight, she gets stranded on the side of the road and gets picked up by two guys. Who then proceed to rape and accidentally kill her.

Again, your thoughts should be “Where the fuck are the ghosts or the spooks? This movie ain’t nothing but lies” but again, the Shaw Bros have very little fucks to give about what you want.

Then the film turns into kind of a revenge film where Anthony wants to kill his wife’s other lover because he thinks he sent thugs over to kill him but in actuality, the thugs were the two men that killed his wife and think if they kill Anthony, no one will figure it out. Even though the police think that Anthony killed his wife. So the two men are stupid as sin, Anthony is distraught and the police are fucking up the case.

This prompts Anthony to go back to the wizard he hit with his car to get revenge on the two men that killed his wife as well as her lover and this is where it finally becomes a horror film.

In the last 30 minutes.

But goddamn, those last 30 minutes are crazytown. The ghost of Anthony’s wife takes revenge by violently murdering the two men and then possessing the body of the lovers wife. The lover calls upon an exorcist to save his wife and then there’s a duel of magic between the wizard and the exorcist where they chuck fire balls at each other. It’s insane.

I kind of don’t want to ruin what happens in the last 5 minutes of this film but suffice it to say, a third of the films budget went to this scene alone. It gets bananaballs.

There’s better made horror films out there and definitely scarier films but if you’re looking for something crazy to watch, Seeding of a Ghost delivers.