Monsoon-A-Day: ‘The Peanut Butter Solution’ 1985

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Day. 13


The Peanut Butter solution is a 1985 Canadian horror film made for children who were obviously born in the 70s because this movie is made for people who have witnessed some shit.

You know the saying “They don’t make them like they used to….” well thank God they don’t because this film is 100% pure, uncut nightmare fuel.

It’s like the director heard That David Lynch “Never makes a movie until he’s had a dream he couldn’t film.” And decided that would be the perfect strategy to create a “Kids” film.

The plot, If i can remember all of it, is about an eleven year old who’s dared to go into an abandoned mansion and is immediately terrified by the ghosts living there.

He’s spooked so bad, all of his hair falls off.

Scenes involving him crying and trying in vain to glue wigs onto his head ensue until the ghosts come back to give him a magical formula for hair growth.

But wouldn’t you know it, there’s a side effect, it never stops growing!

What a pickle our protagonist has gotten himself into but wait, there’s more!

He gets kidnapped by some asshole artist that used to work at the school, -along with a sweatshop amount of kids- to turn his beautiful locks (it’s like 50 feet at this point) into everything from paint brushes to pimp coats to dog blankets.

Oh and his paintbrush can create magical paintings that let you go anywhere.

Oh and there’s a subplot involving the main character’s friend who uses the magical formula to grow “man” hair.


There’s scenes about a Kids out of control pubes in this.

And apparently this is the second in a series of Canadian films aimed at children.

The first is called The Dog who won the war.

I can only imagine.


^ nothing even remotely similar happens in this movie.