Monsoon-A-Day: ‘The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix’ (1975)

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I’ve been a fan of the art of stop motion for as long as I can remember.
From the Rankin and Bass holiday specials to the California Raisins commercials, stop motion has always held a spot in my heart.

The history of the art form goes back further than most people realize.

Everyone knows the incredible work Willis O’brien did on King Kong, and Ray Harryhausen is practically a household name. But, few people know the name Lotte Reiniger or her incredible work on The Adventures of Prince Achmed or The new Gulliver, which is the first full length stop motion film.

Another one that seems to be completely forgotten (in America at least) is the Norwegian animated movie The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. Created over the course of five years and with a whopping 120,000 hand crafted miniatures, The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is Ivo Caprino’s masterpiece.

Released in 1975, PGP tells the story of a retired Race car driver, a penguin and a Hedgehog working together to win the aforementioned race. The plot is paper thin but the characters are lovable and the visual effects are some of the greatest put to celluloid.

I highly recommend checking out this masterpiece of stop motion animation

My Score: A