Monsoon-A-Day: ‘Wolf Guy’ 1975

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Day 28


In 2001, Lars Von Trier challenged fellow filmmaker Jørgen Leth to remake his film The Prefect Man five times and each time he would get a new challenge or “Obstruction”. The obstructions included:

  1. Go to the the most horrible place on earth but do not show the horror.
  2. No shot can last more than 12 frames
  3. Make it animated
  4. No rules
  5. The fifth obstruction is a twist

It’s a fascinating film about deconstructing art and watching two talented artists engage in a metaphorical chess match, in which both parties are trying to one up the other.

You maybe wondering what the fuck a film that’s essentially “pretentious Jackoffery” has to do with some flick you’ve never heard of called Wolf Guy and why i spend every review wasting your time with superfluous Bullshit but if you’d shut the fuck up, you’d see that there’s a method to my madness.

The only way to try and explain what the hell Wolf Guy is, is to imagine that Von Trier went back in time to 1974, gave his Bullshit dogme 95 rules to the first Japanese man he met and told him to make a movie with them.

But unfortunately that man was also addicted to mushrooms and misunderstood what he was supposed to be doing and just created his own rules that make even less sense. The new Japanese obstructions:

  1. The main character has to be a werewolf but it can’t factor into the plot nor can he literally turn into a wolf.
  2. There has to be a psychic ghost tiger
  3. There has to be a drug addicted singer

He passed out after that but you get the gist.

The film is based on a manga and from the little research i did, it’s an extremely loose adaptation. Picture Mad Max: Fury Road being an adaptation of Follow That Bird and you get the idea.

The plot as i can remember it has something to do with Sonny Chiba as a crime solving wolfman (I believe he’s a private investigator but I’m not sure.), trying to solve the murder of a guy that looks like he was murdered by a ghost tiger.

The Psychic ghost tiger is tied to a woman who was raped and was given syphilis so that her fiance would dump her to marry some other chick. So naturally she gets a curse. That includes ghost tigers.

There’s a minor subplot involving a shadowy organization that wants Wolf Guy’s blood to make an army of Wolfmen. It doesn’t take up to much screen time and i don’t remember what happens with it. I’m assuming Sonny kills them all.

Then there’s maybe the Yakuza(?) That have the singer that was raped and they keep her addicted to drugs so…that…plot..can..Happen..?

You know Wolf Guy is gonna come and kill them all and rescue her but i just don’t understand why. Maybe it’s the fact that every woman he saves in the film instantly gets naked and is ready to go to bone town. I don’t even remember if he knows that she has the tiger curse but I guarantee it wouldn’t have mattered.

I just reviewed a film called Xtro and although Wolf Guy is nowhere near as Batshit, it is easily as incoherent. I just watched it last night and i can’t remember what the hell happened in it. In fact, while watching the film i dozed off twice and while writing this review I’ve almost fallen asleep a couple of times. So not only is it extremely hard to follow, it’s extremely boring.

Which is disappointing considering it’s about a crime fighting wolfman played by Sonny Chiba that saves a ghost tiger wielding, Vengeance seeking junkie.

That premise could’ve given us the worlds greatest buddy cop film but instead we got Wolf Guy.


At least we’ll always have ghost tiger.