Monsoon’s Movie Quiz #7

Are you a connoisseur of film with a head full of useless trivia? A cinephile desperately trying to impress a member of the opposite sex with your knowledge of meaningless movie facts? A film buff looking to pwn some weak ass nerds with your superior brain muscles? Then come on down to: Monsoon’s Movie Quiz! The weekly internet quiz show thats designed to turn children into men and men into champions. Or to separate the smart from the “I don’t fucking care.”

Let the games/dick measuring begin!


01. Before Herzog cast Klaus Kinski, who was originally cast as the lead(s) in the film Fitzcarraldo (1982)?

A) Nicol Williamson and Adam Ant

B) David Bowie

C) Jason Robards and Mick Jagger

D) Sting


02. Who composed the soundtrack for the film Death Wish II (1982)?

A) Eric Clapton

B) Jimmy Page

C) Curtis Mayfield

D) Isaac Hayes


03. Which famous animator directed some episodes of the show Sherlock Hound?

A) Katsuhiro Ôtomo

B) Brad Bird

C) Isao Takahata

D) Hayao Miyazaki


04. Which entry in the Meatballs franchise includes the character Meathead the alien?

A) Meatballs Part II

B) Meatballs III

C) Meatballs 4: To The Rescue

D) Meatballs 5


05. Which live action anime adaptation is this gif from?

A) Another

B) ReLife

C) Tokyo Ghoul

D) Parasyte


06. Which Ralph Bakshi film is this still taken from?

A) Coonskin

B) Heavy Traffic

C) American Pop

D) Hey Good Lookin’


07. Because artist Matthew Barney has to be as pretentious as humanly possible, which entry in his Cremaster series was released first?

A) 93

B) 2

C) 16

D) 4


08. Who or what is the titular freak in the film Freak Orlando (1981)?

A) A shape shifting woman

B) A celestial being

C) A cult

D) The title of the film has no meaning


09. Although it was released in 1980, when did production actually start on the animated film The King and the Mockingbird?

A) 1912

B) 1937

C) 1948

D) 1963


10. Which horror film has the tagline “The only thing more terrifying than the last 12 Minutes of this film… are the first 92”?

A) Don’t Go In The House

B) Suspiria (1977)

C) Phantasm

D) The Boogens


Answer Key:

1. C

2. B

3. D

4. A

5. D

6. A

7. D

8. A

9. C

10. B