Monsoon’s Movie Quiz (Horror Edition #2)

Are you a connoisseur of film with a head full of useless trivia? A cinephile desperately trying to impress a member of the opposite sex with your knowledge of meaningless movie facts? A film buff looking to pwn some weak ass nerds with your superior brain muscles? Then come on down to: Monsoon’s Movie Quiz! The weekly internet quiz show thats designed to turn children into men and men into champions. Or to separate the smart from the “I don’t fucking care.”

Let the games/dick measuring begin!


1. Which one of these stories was NOT included in the Japanese anthology film “Kwaiden”?

A) The Woman of the Snow

B) Hoichi the Earless

C) The Wandering Ronin

D) The Black Hair


2. What is Michael Myers’ middle name?

A) Thomas

B) Jacob

C) Marion

D) Audrey


3. In the film “The Shining”, room 237 is an infamously haunted room in the Overlook Hotel where a lot of creepy shit went down. What was the room number in the novel?

A) 256

B) 227

C) 217

D) 209


4. What action star has a cameo in the film “Revenge of the Creature”?

A) Clint Eastwood

B) William Shatner

C) Charles Bronson

D) Lee Marvin


5. In the movie “Psycho”, Marion Crane checks into the Bates motel using which alias?

A) Marie Samuels

B) Marnie Elizabeth

C) Maxine Alexander

D) Mary Lamb


6. What was the original title of “The Evil Dead”?

A) Demon Night

B) Within the Woods

C) Book of the Dead

D) Dead of Night


7. Who plays Father Howard in the film “Martin”?

A) Tom Savini

B) George Romero

C) Martin Scorsese

D) David Cronenberg


8. Who was the first actor approached to play Freddy Krueger in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”?

A) Patrick McGoohan

B) David Warner

C) Frank Gorshin

D) Bill Nighy


9. What movie is this still from?

A) It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive

B) Basket Case 3: The Progeny

C) The Kindred

D) Body Melt


10. In the film “Creep”, what is the name of the wolf character Josef (Mark Duplass) wrote a song and dance for?

A) Peach Fuzz

B) Marty the Wolf

C) Fuzzball

D) Wolfy


Answer key:

1. C

2. D

3. C

4. A

5. A

6. C

7. B

8. B

9. B

10. A