[MonsoonVision] ‘Next of Kin’ (1982)

MonsoonVision is NOT a roast but a curated movie experience where discovering new gems you’ve never heard of and celebrating the best of VHS cheese ‘n sleaze is the goal, not mockery. It’s a nostalgic recreation of the good ol’ days where horror hosts would introduce you to the craziest shit you had ever seen. So, grab some popcorn, pop in your (non-existent) tape and settle in for MonsoonVision.


Tonight’s movie:

Film: Next of Kin

Year of release: 1982

Plot: In a rest home for elderly people, a daughter reads her mother’s diary. Soon events that are mentioned in the mother’s diary begin to happen to the daughter.

Country of origin: Australia

Sex and Violence: Nil but there’s ghost shenanigans

How Do You Watch This Film

  • DVD or Blu-ray
  • Netflix, HBO Go, iTunes, Amazon, or another streaming service
  • However you can muster it.

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