Movie Mashup: Al Pacino + Thriller + ‘Home Alone’

Welcome to Movie Mashup, where every Monday we mash together three things: a popular actor, a film genre, and a popular movie; and ask you the commenter to come up with a bizarre story involving this mixture. Let insanity and hilarity ensue!

It’s December, which means it’s basically Christmas. What this equals is a mashup of movies involving the Christmas spirit. Here’s what’s first up.

The Picks:

Actor: Al Pacino (of ScarfaceDick Tracy, and The Godfather fame)

Genre: Thriller (made popular by films like Pyscho, Shutter Island, or The Silence of the Lambs)

Movie: Home Alone (1990; directed by Chris Columbus)

So, what story can you come up with that involves Home Alone, Al Pacino and the thriller genre. Remember, no story is too outlandish or crazy. The whole purpose of this series is to use your movie knowledge and imagination to create a one-of-a-kind tale. Enjoy!

  • 🎅Poppity🌟

    That plot reminds me a bit of Panic Room! 🙂

  • King Alvarez

    Practically writes itself!

  • I’d imagine it’d then be called Pacino Alone?

  • King Alvarez

    Direct remake with Pacino playing all the characters.

  • Home Alone with touches of We Need to Talk About Kevin. When Kevin is left home alone it’s his greatest joy. But for his family it’s there greatest fear. As Kevin’s mom races home she hopes she can find Kevin before he does something wrong. Al Pacino stars as the former owner of the McCallister house, a former gangster who left his treasure hidden inside the floorboards. It’s a one on one battle but what Pacino doesn’t know is that theres a sinister persona lurking beneath Kevin’s innocence.

  • Cap_N_Jack

    It would be a direct remake of Home Alone but with Kevin played by Pacino adding a level of surrealism to the story. When Kevin is left home alone he is at first thrilled but then terrified as he must battle to brutal intruders (Cillian Murphy and Bob Hoskins) who want something from his house he doesn’t even know he has. Directed by David Fincher and rated R for some truly brutal home defense.