Netflix To Acquire Third Cloverfield Movie From Paramount?

It is currently unclear if a deal will be made, but if it does, it will come quickly after Paramount’s December deal with Netflix for the new Alex Garland-directed movie, Annihilation.Paramount has produced and released the two fairly low-budget Cloverfield films in the past with great profitability. Both were made for around $25 million and both made $72-80 million each. But apparent the newest film in the franchise cost upwards of $40 million and Gianopulos, who took over last spring, had to make some hard choices.

“He sat down and looked at what is theatrical, what is not in this day and age, and certain movies were not making the cut.”

Paramount was set to release God Particle on April 20.

I don’t know about you, but either way, I’m gonna see this movie when it drops. I really liked the first two and don’t care if they are in the same universe or not. I’m just excited to get a new chapter in this series.


  • Tanis11

    Not sure how they haven’t been targeted based on all the documentaries they release, but I have thought the same thing. Netflix doesn’t give a fuck. I was honestly surprised they allowed Dave Chappelle to say some of the things he did. I love it. The higher risk taking Netflix way is refreshing and bringing it back to when studios made several movies rather then a couple big productions for guaranteed returns each year.

  • Larry Version 3

    I enjoy collecting films and television series. I guess its just my hobby haha so I do it regardless of how stupid it is XD

  • King Alvarez

    I guess I don’t think about buying those at all because I know there are there digitally for me already.

  • Larry Version 3

    Thats a good point. But then again, I’d still be subscribed just for that stuff I didnt think was worth buying.

  • It’s got to be a deal worked with Netflix. Nobody would subscribe to Netflix for the series if they knew the blurays were coming out within a couple of months.

  • Larry Version 3

    Haha yeah they take far too long. I dont understand why they wait an entire year to do it. You would think theyd want to maximise their profits while people still care.

  • Right! I’m thankful Netflix Marvel gets bluray releases. I can finally watch Luke Cage!

    Now if only Stranger Things could get a Canada wide release bluray I’d be happy!

  • Larry Version 3

    Great…now I have to wait a year or two to add it to my DVD/Blu Ray collection…
    Thats my only problem with Netflix releases XD

  • King Alvarez

    I believe there were, but I thought it was more to fit it into the Clover-verse. We’ll see.

  • me2olive

    How scared is Hollywood of Netflix? Maybe not scared enough. Netflix doesn’t seem too afraid of taking risks while Hollywood is petrified of anything that isn’t practically a guaranteed success. I don’t see how Hollywood can compete like that in the long term.

  • ResonanceCascade

    Definitely lots of behind the scenes trouble on this movie. I’ve talked to people who saw an early cut and it sounds like it was a mess. I believe there have been reshoots since, but not 100% sure.

  • TheDeadFellow

    Paramount’s decision making as of late is completely wrong headed. Wonder if they’ll ever be able to get out their recent rut.