New ‘Luke Cage’ Trailer: Yo, I’m Luke Cage

A new trailer has been released for season 2 of Luke Cage.

I enjoyed the first season of Luke Cage (regardless of the slow drag in the second half – as per usual with these Netflix shows), call me a sucker for the music they incorporate. This trailer looks good and has my interest, but I fear they’re doing the old trope of creating a villain that’s a copy of the hero to “raise the stakes” and do the whole “self-reflection” shtick. I know it’s set in a grounded, street level world, but I would like to see a villain (or two) that is unique to this setting. Daredevil had politics and Punisher, Jessica Jones had psychological warfare, Iron Fist had whatever that was, so give Luke Cage something like The Mole Men (I know it’s DC, it’s a joke). Or they should have brought in Moon Knight, like they did with Punisher.

Here’s the poster:

Luke Cage Season 2 premieres June 22nd.