New posters for ‘All the Money in the World’; No Mention of Spacey Seen

Plummer’s name reigns supreme

Ridley Scott’s thriller All The Money In The World is in the middle of one of the biggest reshuffles of contemporary film right now. The film, which is about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III and how his grandfather refused to pay the kidnappers despite being the richest man in the world at the time, was embroiled in a wave of controversy when star Kevin Spacey’s sexual allegation claims came tumbling out the gate and destroyed his career over night. As a result of this, Scott ordered that Spacey be cut from the film and all of his scenes to be reshoot with Christopher Plummer, who was Scott’s first choice (the studio wanted a bigger name, according to sources). And the effects of this retooling are now showing with new posters of the film, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

Despite the obvious changes and obnoxious watermark, this are pretty good posters if I must say so myself. Especially that second one and how the case in real life played out. It’s going to be interesting to see how the film turns out after this severe retooling. Plummer himself said in an interview with Megyn Kelly, “They’re going to reshoot the whole … that section of the movie,” and “Michelle Williams is going to, and so is Mark Wahlberg. We’re going to redo the whole thing, those poor two guys have to do it all over again.” He also expressed his disappointment in Spacey’s recent allegations saying “As far as Kevin is concerned, I’m so sorry, because it is sad. It really is, because he’s such a gifted, terrific talent”, though he did feel it was the right call to cut him out and reshoot his scenes to save the film.

All The Money In The World is still scheduled to be released on the 22nd of December.