New Synopsis & Trailer for ‘Black Lightning’

The CW has released a new trailer and synopsis for Black Lightning, their upcoming DC Comics superhero show that ISN’T set in the Arrowverse (crazy, right!). Check it out below.

This show looks like it will be pulling a Supergirl for me, and by that I mean that because it isn’t part of the Arrowverse I’m not interested in watching it live. When the season DVDs go on sale (to a more reasonable price) that’s when I’ll bite the bullet. It does look good though (even if the superhero suit doesn’t).

Synopsis: Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) is a man wrestling with a secret. As the father of Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Ann McClain), and principal of a charter high school that also serves as a safe-haven for young people in a neighborhood overrun by gang violence, he is a hero in his community. Nine years ago, Pierce was a hero of a different sort. Gifted with the superhuman power to harness and control electricity, he used those powers to keep his hometown streets safe as the masked vigilante Black Lightning, but he left the Superhero days behind. Almost a decade later, Pierce’s crime-fighting days are long behind him…or so he thought.

Black Lightning premieres Tuesday, January 16, 2018 on The CW. Will you be watching?

  • Peacesqu4d

    Lol then don’t?

  • I hope not, I don’t wanna watch a teenage teen drama lol

  • Thanks!

  • Peacesqu4d

    Your Shield reviews are awesome by the way lol

  • Just focusing on continuing to review Agents of SHIELD. Let Them Fight Season 2 begins next week as well. That’ll keep me pretty busy around these parts.

  • Peacesqu4d

    Thanks man. What new shows are you reviewing this year?

  • Looking forward to the reviews then

  • Exactly!

  • Peacesqu4d

    I might be, my depression is slightly more manageable. Plus I’m a black man so why not?!

  • Peacesqu4d

    If only lmao

  • King Alvarez

    New Year, New Duke.

  • Are you secretly a CW writer?

  • I am Duke lol just the new version 😛 Gave myself a slight 2018 revamp.

    You still interested in writing episodic reviews for BL?

  • Killsqu4d

    Indeed. !! Any relation to Duke, btw?

  • Killsqu4d

    It really does I can’t predict several plot points right now:
    -hero’s daughter will naively get involved with wrong crowd
    -there will be a love triangle between main lead and two other black women
    -wannabe Kingpin will have a “tragic” backstory that allows all the villainous things he does to have “heart” behind.
    -on the nose hammy dialogue about gun control and a Trump reference. Multiple trump references

  • New J-Mart

    I really like this cast and the action looks pretty good.
    I am very interested in seeing the villains this show will have.
    The costume is ok and I am very interested in the story.

  • I love how the CW has its own “drama formula” that people always pick up on.

  • Alternate earths are a wonderful thing aren’t they!

  • Killsqu4d

    If it performs well it probably will be

  • Killsqu4d

    I hope this doesn’t bomb hard. I can already see the CW drama formula from the teasers alone

  • I thought this was going to be part of arrowverse. Maybe I missed something? Either way Netflix Australia picked this up and it isn’t delayed so I’ll watch weekly unless it ends up like supergirl and I hate it.

  • The Nuclear Witch

    There’s no part of this that sounds good for me. And what’s Ice Cube doing in that dreadful costume? 🤡😜🤡😜