News: ‘Die Hard 6’ Getting Rewrite from ‘The Conjuring’ Scribes

Yippee ki-yay? The writers of The Conjuring, its sequel, and several other horror projects are writing the latest (and possibly final) entry in Bruce WillisDie Hard franchise. Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) is still attached to produce and direct the film.

Screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes

Allegedly the movie is still planned as a prequel/sequel of sorts, with a younger actor portraying Willis’ John McClane in flashbacks (JGL?). We’ll likely see the character’s origin story played out as a beat cop in the 70s, because it’s always a great idea to demystify characters we love.

When I originally heard that they were planning this hybrid, I assumed it was due to Willis’ expense and apparent difficulty on set– Maybe they just wanted to deal with him as little as possible. But with his ghastly-looking Death Wish making the rounds, maybe he’s just not interested in Die Hard anymore (you could make a solid case based on A Good Day to Die Hard).

Prequel, sequel, reboot, whatever: Let’s just make McClane human again. No more riding jets (m’kay, Wiseman?). In fact, I’d be cool with McClane finally dying in Part 6, but I could see Willis’ ego preventing that.

Surfin’ USA!

Sources say that the movie might be called Die Hard: Year One, but it should be called Old Habits Die Hard, because of course it should.

We’ll keep you posted if/when a release date is announced.

Via The Tracking Board