Nic Cage Would Want to Play the Villain If He Ever Made Another Superhero Movie; Like the Joker

Last week, Nic Cage talked about wanting to see an r-rated Ghost Rider film. This week, he wants to play the Joker.

In an interview with JoBlo, Cage was asked if there were any characters in the comic book world that he would love to portray. Cage remarked:

“I mean, I think my comic book days are kind of…I’m on to other things, but I always thought I’d make a great Joker and I always thought that I would’ve been a good villain in one of the Marvel [movies] like Doctor Doom. But, Doctor Doom you have to wear that mask, but I thought the story leading up to Doctor Doom could’ve been interesting. At this point if I was to go back into the format it would probably have to be as a villain.”

Specifically, on being the Joker:

“It would be the perfect one for me to go even more off the rails than I’ve ever done before and, y’know, it’d be fun.”

Caesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Heath Ledger, and, currently, Jared Leto have all brought something new to the Clown Prince of Crime. I could definitely see Cage bring a more sadistic interpretation to the character.

Fun Fact: Nic Cage was one of the actors being considered for the Scarecrow in the cancelled Batman Unchained/Batman Triumphant. Personally, I could see him fit into either role pretty easily.

Would you like to see Nicolas Cage as the Joker? Or, maybe, you would like to see him become Doctor Doom when the Fantastic Four properties finally join the MCU?