Opinion: Best Teaser Trailers of the Last 40+ years.

Since the release of the Deadpool 2 “Wet on Wet” teaser came out a couple of weeks ago, I got to thinking about some of the other truly great movie teasers from over the years. To me, a great teaser should really do just that. Teases you like no tomorrow and leaves you wanting more. Kinda like this girl I knew back in my late teens… but I digress. Whether it is a scene filmed just to wet your appetites, actual footage from the film or a sequence of images shown quickly on the screen, if it does the job right, your ass will be in that seat come opening day.

Here’s some of the best teaser trailers out there.

30. The Addams Family (1991)

I admit that I never saw this one back in the day, but it is a good teaser that gets the ball rolling. It’s also interesting that Christopher Lloyd isn’t playing Uncle Fester.

29. Godzilla (1998)

This trailer alone is better than the movie.

28. The Minus Man (1999)

Another one I never saw originally, but over the years this one has popped up on me. It shows no footage from the movie, and seems harmless enough. Until…

27. Super 8 (2011)

Dude, that train crash is intense.

26. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999)

By the time this was getting released, I wasn’t really watching South Park much anymore. The movie sucked me back in for years to come.

25. The Thing (1982)

This is the one I remember seeing back in the 80’s that made me want to see this movie immediately.

And while researching this, I found this one that was only on a French DVD. It’s super simple and very effective.

  • King Alvarez

    I can see that.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    I forgot about the speculation. Yeah, that was pretty good.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    I really dug the Inception trailer when it came out. I’d just like to add that I think Nolan does a pretty good job with teasers. Hearing Joker’s laugh for TKD, seeing Bane approach Batman mid-fight for TDKR, Dunkirk with British soldiers ducking for cover from an approaching plane, Interstellar giving away very little and displaying “one year from now” at the end..now those are some quality teases.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    The Watchmen trailer is full-length to me.

  • ResonanceCascade

    That Spider Man 2 teaser 🙁

  • Indianamcclain

    For the most part you covered my favorite teasers. The only one I would add is the teaser for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  • Tanis11

    I haven’t looked through all of these yet so I will be back to edit once I get through them all, but I remember the first Transformers movie having a great teaser….and I say that all the while despising Bay and his Transformers films.

  • TheDeadFellow

    Speaking of Alien (good choice), Prometheus had a killer teaser on par.


    Also, next pages? Ooooooh! I’d like to learn how to use this feature.

  • twstdbydsn

    Interesting. I never heard them called Teaser Campaign’s before. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaser_campaign

  • What is this [redacted]?

  • Long time ago they didn’t even work. This is a game changer

  • King Alvarez
  • King Alvarez

    Teasers used to be short and didn’t show much. Over the years, that’s changed a bit. Nowadays I think more full length trailers show more of the look and feel of the movie instead of just snippets.

  • Joe Newman
  • DryButSoupy

    What’s the difference between a teaser trailer and a regular ol’ trailer? Some of these are pretty close to full-length trailers. Is there a difference?

  • twstdbydsn
  • Sailor Monsoon

    I think cloverfield takes the cake.
    I don’t even remember the film i saw that included that teaser because all we wanted to talk about was that goddamn teaser.
    Remember when some people really thought it was going to be Voltron?
    “I saw it! It was a lion!!”

  • 🎅Poppity🤶

    Wow, the one for The Shining is really trippy. If memory serves, I don’t believe you ever see such a long-standing shot of the “blood flood”, so it’s really interesting.
    Also, that is indeed strange that Christopher Lloyd wasn’t in the teaser trailer. Perhaps he was a last minute replacement. Super odd!

  • 🎅Poppity🤶

    I have only done it once but they work well. The only problem is that they aren’t very noticeable.

  • King Alvarez

    That Ant-Man mini version was a pretty great tease!

  • King Alvarez

    I didn’t know they never worked in the first place!

  • Jurassic Park is easily one of the best. I think the Ant-Man one is one of the more recent ones that is really good. You know, when they made all the footage the size of the ant and you couldn’t make out anything until a few days later when they dropped the “human sized” version

  • HOLY SHIT Next pages actually work now?!

    Also, I got to think of this. I can’t really think of any recent teasers beyond Deadpool 2. Nowadays teasers are long enough to just be the first trailer.