‘Phantom Thread’ Sews Its Way Onto Home Video

Do not use the word “chic” for this release.

Phantom Thread was one of the most anticipated releases of 2017 due to its secrecy during production and the announcement of it being the final film of legendary actor Daniel Day Lewis. When the film finally came out, it was met with roaring applause from critics and winding up on many top tens of the year (including mine). And while the film has struggled to make its money back at the box office, it’s been killing it at the awards season earning two Golden Globe nominations and a whopping 6 Oscar Nods, including Best Picture. And just like that, the reveal of when it will hit shelves is right around the corner, with a release for the 10th of April (the Digital release is just two weeks earlier, specifically on the 27th of March).

First up, the cover art, which is a slight variant of the film’s poster. Also included is the back cover, which details the length of the extras:

Next up are extras, which given how glib Paul Thomas Anderson is with the extras of his movies, look to be pretty sparse:


  • Camera Tests (8 minutes)
  • For the Hungry Boy (5 minutes)
  • House of Woodcock Fashion Show (2 minutes)
  • Behind the Scenes Photographs (10 minutes)

Audio is, much to my surprise, a DTS:X audio track. The film was natively mixed in 5.1, so I wonder if he approved of this track personally or this was something out of his control. Still, I am most pleased by this. On top of that, there have been rumors of a 4K release as well but by the looks of it, the US won’t be getting it. So for those interested, you might just have to import it.

Phantom Thread was easily one of my favorite films of the year. A subtle but sumptuous affair with great performances, excellent camera work, wonderful script, beautiful costume design – You name it, I’d probably praise the hell out of it. To say I’m delighted that it’s coming out soon is putting it pretty lightly. Hope to snag this baby pretty soon.