‘Power Pack’ Film Moving Ahead – ‘Spy Kids’ For The MCU

That Hashtag Show has revealed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be getting a brand new super-team: the Power Pack.

Anticipation of the project has begun to manifest after Marvel Studios exec Jonathan Schwartz was recently given executive oversight on the film.

Schwartz has been working at Marvel Studios since 2009 when he worked closely alongside Kevin Feige during the production of Iron Man 2 before working on Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor and The Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes 1 and 2.

Movieweb gives us a handy plot synopsis of the original Power Pack comic books to help catch everyone up to speed.

The comic centers on the four siblings of the Power family, Alex (12), Julie (10), Jack (8) and Katie Power (5), who lived with their parents in a Virginia beach house. Their father, James Power, was a brilliant physicist who came up with a way to create energy from antimatter through a converter that he created. There was a fatal flaw in his design, though, and James was warned by Aelfyre “Whitey” Whitemane, a member of the Kymellian race, whose home planet had been destroyed through a similar error. While trying to warn the Power family, Whitey was mortally wounded as the Kymellian’s rivals, the Snarks, kidnapped James Power and his wife Margaret, with Whitey rescuing the children and telling them what happened to their parents, and also passing along his super powers to them before he died.

While pretty light hearted, the Power Pack did occasionally hit some emotional turbulence, evidently.

Here’s Sunspot KOing a small child. Thankfully, he’s not in the MCU.

The powers manifest for each child in different ways, with Alex controlling gravity, Julie given the ability to fly incredibly fast, Jack given the ability to change an object’s mass and density, while Katie was given the ability to create and manipulate energy fields. All of these children are also given the ability to swap these powers with one another.

Sounds pretty fun. While the MCU definitely has the reputation as the more irreverent of the superhero film universes, we haven’t seen quite this level of slightly goofy adventuring; the closest would probably be James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy (although a few scenes from Dr. Strange sure come close).

It will be interesting to see how this unorthodox subfranchise is dealt with.

D’awwww. Won’t happen either.